New Yorkers share the weirdest things they're doing in quarantine

We all have to stay entertained somehow.

Will Gleason
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Will Gleason
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weird things at home

After being more or less trapped in our apartments for going on a month, it’s not surprising that many New Yorkers have started to do some out-of-the-ordinary things. For instance, even though I now have unlimited access to every single dish, glass and plate that I own, I’ve developed a habit of only ever really using one mug, covered in llamas. A piece of china I’ve now come to think of as "mug."

We took to our social channels to hear about some of the more, uh… out there things that you’ve been doing during quarantine. Read on for some solidarity in the fact that we’re all in this together.

"I made my own '90s boy band album cover, and I’m every member."—Ryan Bauer-Walsh

"I only wear track suits now."—Ben Rimalower

"I've been sleeping... which truly is rare for rats and roaches of nightlife."—Dan Q. Dao

"I’ve been doing a ‘Quarantine Look’ every day on my Instagram."—John Coons

"My son has created an elaborate world of Pokémon NBA called the PNBA where we are playing in an elaborate basketball championship as Pokémon characters."—Wendy C. Goldberg

"Splurged on a Dolly Parton jigsaw puzzle from 1978 on eBay."—James Reed

"Sharpening pencils. A lot, for some reason."—Ron Fassler 

"I did fucking yoga."—Rory Rockmore

"Eating meals with no regard for time of day appropriateness. Pork Gyoza for breakfast today."—Duncan Pflaster 

"We have been doing family karaoke. With wigs... Didn’t use mics so as not to disturb the neighbors."—Kera Bolonik

"Definitely this video. A friend and I were.... very tired."—Philip Romano

"Shooting videos of myself lying across the bed with a cat perched on my chest while I lip sync Harry Styles songs for three hours straight."—Blaise Allysen Kearsley

"Not sure if this is weird, but I have been making a 'quiche a day.' Until this pandemic, in [my] almost 51 years on this planet, I had never made a quiche before."—Joseph Ritsch 

"Still trying to figure out how to make a face mask out of a bra. I don’t really sew. It’s not going well."—Roberta Lipp 

"Learning to use my left hand."—Glenn Alterman

"I did a show for my vacuum cleaner and put a wig on my lamp and named her Judith Light."—Ben Fisher

"I rebuilt a chicken coop."—Jade Esteban Estrada

"Digging out Halloween wigs to wear while chatting with our friends during virtual happy hours."—Emilio Casarez

"Set up a green screen so I can Zoom from anywhere I feel like."—Lisa Jolley

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