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Statue of Liberty
Photograph: Shutterstock/Jason Donnelly

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most expensive landmarks to visit in the world

Only one country's landmarks are more expensive to visit.

Shaye Weaver
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Shaye Weaver

Freedom isn't cheap.

According to a study by Slingo, an online arcade site, the Statue of Liberty in NYC is the third most expensive landmark to visit in the entire world.

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A Statue of Liberty ticket costs $23.80 (£18.91 or €22.20), while the average night's stay in a double hotel room costs $441.76 (£351 or €412). This adds up to a total cost of $465.56 (£369.91 or €434.20). 

A visit to the Statue of Liberty is only eclipsed in price by two of France's biggest attractions—the Eiffel Tower ($483.08) and the Palace of Versailles ($475.79)—and is more expensive than going to Big Ben in London (which is free save for a $415.33 stay in a hotel) and a trip to see Sagrada Familia in Spain ($385.31), according to Slingo.

Slingo Most expensive landmarks
Photograph: courtesy of Slingo

On the flip side, the cheapest landmarks to visit are the Taj Mahal in India (an entrance ticket for non-Indians costs $14.19, while a night’s stay in a hotel in Agra costs $31.46), Mount Fuji in Japan (it's free to climb and a hotel stay in Fuji costs $69 on average), and The Great Sphinx in Egypt (a ticket to see the statue costs $5.37 and a night’s stay in a double hotel room in the nearby Giza costs $71.74 on average).

NYC or any other landmark in the U.S. is in the top five cheapest to visit on this list.

If you want to save some bucks and aren't too concerned with seeing the real thing, we suggest heading over to New Jersey's Liberty State Park to see artist Zaq Landsberg's creation "Reclining Liberty" and see the real Lady Liberty from the shore. Another option is taking a Statue of Liberty boat tour, which can be a pleasant way to see her from all sorts of angles.

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