This guy is hand-delivering perfectly ripe avocados to New Yorkers’ apartments

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New York’s most-perfectly ripe avocados are only available via DMs.

On a normal day in New York, it’d be incredibly hard to find avocados that you wouldn’t have to let ripen for a few days before using to make avocado margaritas, guacamole or a perfectly Instagrammable avocado toast. But in the midst of a pandemic? Nearly impossible. That is, unless you’ve discovered the work of New York’s avocado angel, Miguel Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez supplies avocados to some of the city's best restaurants, including Michelin-starred spots like Cosme, Casa Enrique, The Modern and Daniel (when they were open) as well as neighborhood favorites like Williamsburg’s Peruvian Llama Inn and Greenpoint’s Madre restaurant. According to Eater, as of 2018, he supplied the in-demand fruits to 120 of the city’s top restaurants.

These days, he’s operating under the social media moniker @davocadoguy, and it’s there that you can slide into his DMs to request an order. (You can also text him at +1(347)-703-7181.) Orders placed today will be delivered to tomorrow. 

Gonzalez’s avocados (and limes, don’t forget the limes!) come from his native Michoacán in Mexico and are stored at his warehouse in Queens. His business is open Mondays through Saturdays with order drop-offs from 7-11am. 

In a conversation with Time Out New York, Gonzalez revealed that demand has actually increased during the pandemic, and that he’s staying busy by continuing to supply to a number of restaurants offering delivery and takeout, as well as to many folks at home who are cooking more than ever.

But while he may be taking on more new customers, his company is currently operating at a loss. “We are mainly trying to stay active during these hard times,” he told us. Gonzalez might be “the guy,” but he has several employees that he also supports through his avocado operation, and with many of his restaurant clients fully or partially closed, his revenue has suffered. Still, he says, while “some tip, all are being great to work with [right now].” 

While some businesses have resorted to price-gouging to profit off the pandemic, Gonzalez assures us that he has not raised his prices and has no plans to do so. The current minimum order is five avocados for an astoundingly affordable $2.50 a piece. They also offer three limes for $1.50. 

“There is a great amount of positivity, community support and sense of gratitude,” says Gonzalez. “This makes us able to keep going.” On March 19, he posted an Instagram saying he was looking to donate some avocados to those in need. 

Davocadoguy is the latest wholesale food supplier to be affected by the pandemic, joining a number of foragers and farmers who are thinking more about public-facing delivery options for top-tier fresh produce

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