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Road trip
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This is New York's favorite road trip snack

No, it's not banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Everyone knows the best part of any road trip is the snacks.

Whether it's a chocolate bar, potato chips or sour candy, road trip bites have become indicative of the kind of eater you are and, believe it or not, they've come to say something about where you're from as well.

Credit card website Upgraded Points recently took a deep-dive into the subject. Based on Google Trends, the company mapped out the most popular road trip snack for each state. We deem New York's favorite to be a pretty unusual pick: hummus—which also happens to be the only food on the entire list that does not come in a bag or a box.  

The relatively healthy snack is also the go-to for folks in Delaware and Massachusetts but, overall, potato chips reign supreme (they were the number one choice in ten different states). Combos, the (very unhealthy) stuffed crackers, pretzels or tortillas, came in second. 

According to the data, our neighbors in New Jersey are partial to Sour Patch Kids, those in Pennsylvania prefer pretzels while the most popular road trip snack in Vermont is a bag of sunflower seeds. All interesting picks, if you ask us!

If all this talk about road trips has got you itching for a little vacation (join the club), you might want to consult our list of best road trips from NYC for a quick getaway or our ranking of best day trips from NYC.

Just don't forget to pack that hummus!

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