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This Long Island pizza joint has been rated one of the best in the U.S. by Yelp users

Say what?!

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

We'll preface this by saying that we absolutely do not understand this new Yelp ranking supposedly focusing on the best pizza shops in the United States.

None of the entries make sense and we’re not entirely sure how the methodology came about—but we feel like it’s our duty to report that, apparently, according to the reviews website, a mom-and-pop store in Massapequa is one of the very best destinations of its kind in New York, landing at the No. 6 spot on the top 100 list.

Saverio’s Authentic Pizza Napoletana (at 929 North Broadway in Massapequa) opened back in 2015 as an extension to the Cataldo family’s A&S Pork Store.

“All of their pies are made according to Neapolitan tradition—using high-quality ingredients like buffalo-milk mozzarella, and San Marzano tomatoes imported straight from Naples,” reads the Yelp survey. “Each pizza is topped with extra-virgin olive oil before being baked in a traditional, wood-fired brick oven at a scorching 850 degrees.”

Other local destinations that made it to the top 100 are Lombardo’s of Bay Ridge in Brooklyn (14th), B Side Pizza & Wine Bar in Manhattan (50th), Lolita’s Pizza in Poughkeepsie (64th), Beekman Ale House in Sleep Hollow (92nd), Pizzeria Posto in Rhinebeck (94th) and Apizza Regionale in Syracuse (99th).

According to the oh-so-weird study, the No. 1 pizza spot in the country is Sapori Di 786 Degrees in Pasadena, California.

We are utterly baffled. 

We'd like to remind Yelp that New York's own Una Pizza Napoletana was ranked the very best such parlor in the world, for example, and that spots like Di Fara Pizza, Ops, Lucali and L&B Spumoni Gardens—all part of our list of best pizza places in NYC—are also known all over the world, despite their absence from the restaurant platform's roundup.

Do with this information as you please!

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