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We tried Schmackary’s new Macaroni and Cheese cookies

By Jake Cohen

Between both Hamptons favorite Tate’s Cookies selling to Mondelez and Insomnia Cookies selling to Krispy Kreme for hundreds of millions of dollars, it’s a hot time to be a cookie company. So when we heard about Schmackary’s Cookies new Schmackaroni & Cheese cookies (yes, the name makes me cringe too), I decided to give them a try and see if this Times Square shop is peddling the next big confection. Unfortunately, you can forget about one hundred million dollars: this cookie isn’t even worth the $2.75 it costs.

Let me break down why this cookie laced with bacon, pasta and cheese didn’t really satisfy my sweet tooth. I get the addition of sharp cheese in a pastry, whether it be to add some complexity to a scone or a little zing to apple pie. So, some cheddar and gruyere in this gluten free cornmeal cookie was perfectly pleasant. The real issue was the texture. The combination of a crumbly cookie that fell apart with a slight nudge combined with the intense chew of dry, baked macaroni left my jaw confused. As the editors gathered around the array of cookies, looks of disappointment washed over everyone’s faces as they chomped on all that crunchy pasta.

Luckily, I picked up a variety of their other cookies which were inhaled immediately by the team looking for a sweet redemption. The stack of macaroni and cheese cookies sat on the counter untouched, as no team member dared to indulge. I don’t think we want to see a return of this mac.


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