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Why brunch in New York will never die

Why brunch in New York will never die
Photograph: Noah Fecks

New Yorkers work hard. Harder than other cities? We don't have to get into a debate about that. But, after a week of grinding it out on the job, the last thing we seem to want to do is flip flapjacks. In other U.S. cities, weekend social gatherings go down at someone's house or backyard much more easily. But for most of us, our apartments are way too cramped for that. We take it to our church (aka our favorite brunch spot)that is, after much debate in our group chat on which one. Lafayette? Hmmm, maybe. Jack's Wife Freda? Too crowded. Peaches? Perhaps. Clinton St. Baking Company? For sure. Everyone's got an opinion about the best brunch NYC has to offer. 

Brunch will never die in New York. It is too important to our society, but, also, there's food and cocktails—and so many options on both. Whether you go for boozy offerings, the yolkiest eggs or losing yourself in the stacks, they're all fine decision points.

We will have a better suggestion for those looking for a new place of morning community worship. That's right, you can have brunch with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge at our soon-to-launch, Time Out Market with one of New York's most quintessential spots that does it just right: Clinton St. Baking Company.  

Clinton St. Baking Company with be bringing crowd-favorites such as their latke eggs Benedict or Spanish omelet to Dumbo. But we all know its real star are fluffy banana pancakes. Run by Chef Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman who co-run the Lower East Side brunch staple is just about the only breakfast delight that can coax us out of bed on the weekend. We'll meet you at the Time Out Market bright 'n early! 

Time Out Market New York, the best of the city under one roof is opening soon at 55 Water Street, Brooklyn.


Clinton St. Baking Company's delectable banana walnut pancakes
Photograph: Courtesy Time Out Market