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The hottest sex parties NYC has to offer right now

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Get turned on to the buzzy sex parties NYC locals are loving right now.


Secret NYC spots abound (just peep these killer speakeasies in NYC), and luckily the underground sex scene is equally fruitful. In addition to having New Yorkers come together (pun intended), play parties do right by our city by catering to those who give it spirit: the queer, the kinky and people who are often excluded from mainstream events. Curious? Here are four secret-yet-inclusive play parties we love right now. (And here are some real-life sex stories if you need to pre-game.) 

Best sex parties NYC


Held in a secret location (like everything else on this list), NSFW hones a kink- and 420-friendly atmosphere, with most events featuring CBD bars. The dress code is strictly themed, so get gussied up—you’re going to a fancy cocktail party, after all. Hell, even the prison-themed rooms manage to seem ritzy. While you need to be a member to join, founder Daniel Saynt welcomes all nationalities, races, religions, genders and sexualities to apply.


Hacienda Villa

Hacienda Villa is heavily influenced by the “burner” scene—as in, Burning Man, man—so expect glittery, mermaid-themed soirees and lots of free love more than a formal, Eyes Wide Shut vibe. The party is open to all orientations.




As the name suggests, this one is focused on BDSM. The creators describe the erotic atmosphere as “an exploratory space for queers,” aiming to create a pro-sex oasis that helps attendees expand their mind on sex work and other risky topics.



F E R A L is a semiprivate, kink-centered queer frolic that especially embraces trans and gender-nonconforming individuals—folks who mainstream play parties often neglect or leave behind. The folks at the helm warn that this bacchanalia is not for the faint of heart—in other words, the freakier, the better.

Email nycferal@gmail.com for information. 

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