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The best lighting stores in NYC

The best lighting stores in NYC will get your apartment lit in no time with lamps, light fixtures and bulbs

Photograph: Courtesy Bulb Concepts

At the best lighting stores in NYC, you’ll quickly realize the importance of getting lit. Not only does a vintage lamp prove that a grown-up lives in your ramshackle apartment, one single lightbulb can transform your furniture from college Ikea leftovers to high-end home decor furnishings. Sure, you could grab a standard 60-watt bulb from your local hardware stores, but these are the best shops in NYC to assist you with illuminating your home or business to perfection.

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Best lighting stores in NYC



This high-end Italian outfit nestled among the shops of Soho specializes in sleek light fixtures—from glam desk lamps to elaborate chandeliers that smolder to a spectrum of garish shades. The selection ranges from minimally modern pieces to elaborately expressive, artsy illumination. (Think: shapes that would please Salvador Dalí.)

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Canal Lighting & Parts

With everything from glittery disco balls to vintage-looking Edison bulbs, this store is well-stocked and can satisfy nearly every imaginable style—but it specializes in high-quality, quirky fixtures. Whether you’re equipping the dance floors of the best clubs in NYC or are just a fan of purple lights in general, this spot has it all.

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Barbizon Lighting Company

Since 1947, Barbizon has been the choice supplier of lighting for theater shows, film and television. But even if you’re not in show business, there’s plenty of reasons to check it out, like if you want your bathroom mirror to be as flattering as movie stars’ lightbulb-adorned vanity mirrors.

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Hell's Kitchen

Just Bulbs (The Light Bulb Store)

New York is known for its niche stores, and it’s hard to imagine a business casting a smaller net than “just bulbs.” But this place delivers—you may not have known you needed lights shaped like tropical fish, but when you see them you may wonder how you lived so long without them.

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Upper East Side

Lighting Plus

Whether you’re in the market for an antique lamp, trying to get your hands on neon-colored LED bulbs or are planning to find random parts and assemble your own illuminated masterwork, these guys can lend an electric sparkle to any space.

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Here, trendy folks traffic in goods like ceramic desk lamps made by ENTLER, an LA-based design studio, that range in color from pink to black ($550). If you’ve got the dough and want the art in your home to literally shine, then BEAM can help you pin down the right furnishings for your pad.

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Bulb Concepts

In 2013, Jessie Lee and Anthony Wong created Bulb Concepts, a tiny (fewer than 400 square feet) space in the East Village that serves as both a sales floor and a design studio. Their creative pieces often rely on repurposed materials, like portions of metal piping affixed with retro, filament-exposed bulbs, and include cool Cooper Union student art projects.

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East Village

Oriental Lamp Shade

These guys peddle elegant lamps with a lot of Old World charm. Their friendly, professional staff comes in especially handy if you’ve got an antique that needs repair (as antiques often do). Whatever sort of lamp it is, they can tweak it and return it back to you shipshape.

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Upper West Side

The Light House

From ornate Victorian chandeliers to hardy lighting for outdoor bars and backyards, this store serves as a beacon for New Yorkers who want to find the right fixture but feel lost in a sea of selections.

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Lamp Warehouse

If you’re seeking something like a glossy lamp embossed with Tiffany glass, look no further. These guys have got gaudy lighting on lock and can install the wide assortment in your home with the kind of no-nonsense efficiency you'd expect in Brooklyn.

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