The best murder mystery dinners NYC has to offer

At murder mystery dinners, NYC’s best restaurants and speakeasies open their doors for intrigue, drama—and comedy
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At the best murder mystery dinners NYC has to offer, you can step out for a wildly entertaining night of murder and mayhem. Whether you’re looking for fun date ideas or unique places to take out-of-towners, these theater companies offer truly immersive experiences that’ll leave you questioning fact from fiction. You’ll laugh, you’ll dine and you may even be inspired to sign up for acting classes in NYC yourself.

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Best murder mystery dinners in NYC


Murder Mystery Inc.

We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse: Murder Mystery Inc.’s Murdered by the Mob dinner theater features two-and-a-half hours of interactive comedy mystery, a three-course dinner, dancing and a chance to rub elbows with wise guys, mobsters and mafia princesses. Fuhgeddaboudit. (800-687-3374,


New York Dinner Theater

New York Dinner Theater brings a whole new meaning to the trope “corporate backstabbing.” In the interactive murder mystery Let’s Kill the Boss, it’s your job to figure out who killed Margate Manufacturing Company CEO Anthony Margate. Was it the obnoxious marketing manager Larry Love or his sexy secretary wife Lena Love? Perhaps it was the spitfire foreman Carlotta Batista. Was she really after Margate’s fortune, or was that just watercooler gossip? Solve the murder and win a prize. (800-383-6080,


Truffles Mystery

The annual Ciacco Gala is all fun and games until the legendary two-pound truffle goes missing and someone winds up dead. Enjoy a three-course meal and sing along as you collect clues to uncover the murderous thief during this immersive murder mystery musical comedy. 349 W 46 St (


Watson Adventures

Follow the cryptic clues left behind by the murdered curator who knew too much. Lure a few friends through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s darkened galleries where you’ll piece together the sordid tale of the museum’s multi-million-dollar purchase of a rare Leonardo da Vinci painting. The team hunt promises two-and-a-half hours of greed, revenge and treachery. (877-946-4868,


The Murder Mystery Co.

Whether it’s a birthday party celebration, a corporate team-building exercise or a holiday soirée, the parties thrown by Murder Mystery Co.’s experts are really to die for. Run by skilled actors, the live interactive shows can be set to a variety of themes including The Great Gatsby, Totally '80s, Midnight at the Masquerade and our personal favorite, Crime and Pun-ishment. (888-643-2583,


THEY improv

One of the few companies in the nation to offer “ambush” murder mystery dinners, THEY improv confronts its audience with awkward situations, compelling its unknowing participants to team up and compare notes. But they know not to take the gag too far—they’ll let you know it’s all staged in case anyone tries calling the actual police. (866-219-4386,

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Casa Theodoro

icon-location-pin Woodside

“Brazilian” and “pizzeria” aren’t two words you would normally hear next to one another, but together they make the perfect descriptor for Casa Theodoro in Woodside. Though the restaurant does offer Italian pizzas such as margherita ($15 for a small, $18 for a large) and prosciutto and arugula ($15 for a small, $20 for a large), let’s be honest: You’re here for the more novel Brazilian options. Try the carne seca pizza with jerk beef, onions, tomato and cream cheese, the a moda de casa with cheese, ham, corn, bacon and cream cheese or the strogonoff with cheese, chicken, pink sauce, potato sticks and mushrooms (each $12 for a small, $19 for a large). The menu also includes Brazilian appetizers like dadinhos de tapioca, or tapioca-cheese squares ($8), and calabresa acebolada, a smoked sausage and onion dish ($6), in addition to classics like chicken fingers ($5) and garlic knots ($2). Finish the meal with a dessert pizza topped with Nutella and marshmallow or condensed milk, coconut and nuts (each $12).

Venue says Join us every Sunday and Thursday for Pizza Rodizio and every Friday for Pasta Rodizio!

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