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Truffles: Music! Mushrooms! Murder!!
Photograph: Courtesy Stephen Pyo

Murder mystery dinners in NYC

Enjoy a meal with a side of mayhem at these murder mystery dinners in NYC

Written by
Marion Bernstein

If you love solving crimes (and who isn’t into true crime these days?) and a good meal, put down the podcast (or remote) and check out one of these murder mystery dinners in NYC. You’re in for a wild night with twists, turns, thrills, chills and a tasty meal as you try to solve the crime of the evening. These dinners may involve any or all of the following: the mob, singing, dancing, a little comedy and a lot of outrageousness.

Amateur detectives will love the challenge of solving the murder at hand, while multiple courses keep sleuths well-fed throughout the evening. If you’re looking for new and unusual date ideas in NYC, definitely try a murder mystery dinner. For another challenge that’s great for groups of friends, check out the best escape rooms in NYC.

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Murder mystery dinners in NYC

We’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse: Murder Mystery Inc.’s Murdered by the Mob dinner theater features two-and-a-half hours of interactive comedy mystery, a three-course dinner, dancing and a chance to rub elbows with wise guys, mobsters and mafia princesses. Fuhgeddaboudit.

Note: Truffles Mystery in person is currently on hiatus, but there is a home version available

The annual Ciacco Gala is all fun and games until the legendary two-pound truffle goes missing and someone winds up dead. Enjoy a three-course meal and sing along as you collect clues to uncover the murderous thief during this immersive murder mystery musical comedy.


This popular offering, held at The Hideout in Tribeca, is a little different. The actors are hidden amongst the attendees, so no one is safe from scrutiny and everyone can be a part of the show. A four course meal offers hours of entertainment.

One of the few companies in the nation to offer “ambush” murder mystery dinners, THEY improv confronts its audience with awkward situations, compelling its unknowing participants to team up and compare notes. But they know not to take the gag too far—they’ll let you know it’s all staged in case anyone tries calling the actual police.


Follow the cryptic clues left behind by the murdered curator who knew too much. Lure a few friends through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s darkened galleries where you’ll piece together the sordid tale of the museum’s multi-million-dollar purchase of a rare Leonardo da Vinci painting. The team hunt promises two-and-a-half hours of greed, revenge and treachery.

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