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8 money saving apps for New Yorkers

Living in NYC means overspending in NYC. Try sticking to your budget for once with these helpful money saving apps.

Written by
Kevin Aeh

Putting away some dough ain’t easy for a New Yorker. Sure, there are cool cheap things to do in NYC, cheap date ideas in NYC and bargains if you’re into shopping in NYC. But if you’re really serious about building up that savings account, check out these awesome money saving apps.

Money saving apps

Photograph: Courtesy Joinery

1. Joinery

Paying brokers half your paycheck just feels wrong, especially when they only score you a so-so pad. Joinery makes the process easier by directly connecting apartment hunters and departing tenants, side-stepping the need for a broker (and that nasty fee).

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2. Hiatus

Hiatus looks at all your auto-charged subscriptions and cancels the ones you deem unwanted or unnecessary. (Translation: Maybe it’s time to ask mom for her Netflix password.)

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3. Earny

Buyer’s remorse no more! This app links to your email and Amazon accounts to track your online purchases. If it finds a cheaper deal elsewhere, you receive a refund or a price adjustment.

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Photograph: Courtesy Acorn

4. Acorns

Connect Acorns to your credit and debit cards, then it’ll round up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invest the difference—as if the change on your dresser hired a stockbroker.

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5. Twine

Stop talking about a trip to Paris with your boo and start planning. Twine helps couples save for specific big expenses and tracks their progress. It even offers advice on how to hit that savings goal faster.

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Photograph: Courtesy Digit

6. Digit

This service examines your income and spending habits, devises daily budgets and then moves your extra moola into a new savings account.

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7. Aspiration

Does a bank that offers no monthly or ATM fees and an annual interest rate up to 100 times higher than the big branches even exist? Big time, and this online-only institution’s app makes it easy to access your checking and investment accounts.

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Tip Yourself

8. Tip Yourself

Give yourself a buck or two every time you go to the gym or perform another good-for-you habit, which means you’ll end up as a better person who actually has a savings account.

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