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The best transportation apps for New Yorkers

These are the best transportation apps in NYC, whether you want the cheapest ride possible or classic yellow cabs

Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Tom Fear

Getting around in NYC is no easy feat—that’s where the best transportation apps for New Yorkers come in. Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, you’re either fighting against train delays, standstill traffic or unruly tourist pedestrians, which all cause you some degree of inconvenience en route to your destination. It’s a constant struggle, which is why we tend to rely on transportation apps to make things just a bit more tolerable. So whether you’re en route to a fancy dinner at one of the best restaurants in NYC or just trying to make it to gyms and health clubs in NYC after work, give our favorite ride apps for New York City a try.

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Best transportation apps for New Yorkers



Lyft is taking NYC by storm with its unmistakable light-up dashboard emblems, new ride scheduling feature and general philanthropy, currently giving riders the option to round up their fare to the next dollar in support of worthy charitable causes. It’s also got a dedicated Trust & Safety Team and insanely high driver ratings, so you can rest easy on every ride.
Get the app: lyft.com



Among the cheeriest (and most cost efficient) of the bunch, Via is a sunny ride-share platform that has somehow gotten the carpooling system down to a science. Cars are prompt, drivers are lovely, the service is commuter-friendly and the marketing is playful and on point. Rides are as low as $5, and best of all, you can now take Via to the airport.
Get the app: ridewithvia.com



Juno is a rideshare app that prides itself on top-rated drivers, excellent round-the-clock customer support via phone, text, and email, and a current beta discount offering riders 30 percent off until further notice. On top of that, all of Juno’s drivers are partners in the company, so it’s safe to say they’re valued and treated well, a comfort to any rider.
Get the app: gojuno.com



Every New Yorker should really Gett this app. (Sorry.) This black car and ride-share app is available in over 100 cities across the world, is free of surge pricing at all times, has a future booking option and features reliably firm quotes always. What more could you ask for?
Get the app: gett.com



If you don’t have Uber, how did you manage to navigate the Internet all the way to this article? The app rode ‘round the world is tried and true, to say the least. And with the addition of uberPOOL, the surge-proof ride-share feature within the app, it’s easy to get around the city for cheap.
Get the app: uber.com



Yellow cabs have finally gotten with the times and are now floating around the digital universe with this straightforward app. Arro is a free platform that allows you to hail a taxi without having to do any physical labor; it also features digital payment and regulated pricing. Plus, the availability and arrival times are pretty fast, so give it a try next time you’re feeling nostalgic or old-school.
Get the app:goarro.com


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