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Photograph: Supplied by Fura

Fura leads the charge towards a greener future for Singapore’s bar scene

This beacon of sustainability wins the inaugural Bar of Tomorrow Award in Singapore

Time Out Singapore in partnership with Pernod Ricard

Singapore has a flourishing cocktail bar scene – not only do we have some of the best bars in Asia, but we also have plenty of local talent flying our flag high with exciting new concepts. And Fura is undoubtedly one to watch. Though it might be just one-month old, it’s already shaking up the scene with its future-forward approach that puts sustainability at the forefront – from spatial design down to daily operations.

It's this commitment to minimal waste that has earned Fura the honour of being crowned Time Out Singapore’s first Bar of Tomorrow. Created in partnership with The Bar World of Tomorrow, the Bar of Tomorrow Award celebrates the bar in the city that is leading the charge towards sustainability and striving to raise the standards of the industry.

Dedicated to creating a new and inclusive bar culture, The Bar World of Tomorrow is a worldwide movement that supports the shift towards a more sustainable and responsible bartending community. It is a collaborative effort between Pernod Ricard, Trash Collective, and the Sustainable Restaurant Association

Time Out has identified three outstanding bars that are making a positive environmental impact. These nominees were then evaluated by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, which has then independently crowned Fura as Bar of Tomorrow based on criteria such as waste management, mindful product sourcing and employee well-being.

Here’s a closer look at why Fura is Time Out Singapore’s Bar of Tomorrow 2023.

SG's Bar of Tomorrow

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Fura impressed the judges at the Sustainable Restaurants Association with its clear commitment to sustainability throughout all aspects of the business. Here's what the SRA had to say about why Fura was selected out of the three nominees.

“It’s always encouraging to see a bar adopting responsible practices, but it is a delight to see one that is sustainable by design, with the environment and society at its very core. That is what makes FURA a clear winner in Singapore” 

Power couple and owners Christina Rasmussen and Sasha Wijidessa use a responsible decentralised supply chain and rely on smaller, local producers of ingredients and materials. They designed Fura’s menu around the vision of the ‘future of food’. This bold approach highlights ingredients that have either become prevalent, invasive or exist in abundance due to imbalances in the ecosystem caused by humans.

Think of ingredients that have a low carbon footprint that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find in your typical drink. This includes Ugly Delicious ferments made using ugly fruits and veggies that would otherwise be discarded; cocktails made with invasive species like jellyfish and insects, which help to bring back balance to the environment; and locally grown produce from their own garden as well as hydroponic farms in Singapore.

Crucially, Fura also gets the fundamentals right. In efforts to keep waste to a minimum, the team practices segregating waste into multiple streams (including food), and pre-batching cocktails and chilling glasses to reduce ice usage. The general effort to reduce waste at source can be observed through the thoughtful circular menu that aims to use every part of each ingredient.

And by opting for low- or no-packaging deliveries such as EcoSPIRITS, Fura contributes to lower emissions by nearly eliminating all packaging and bottling. On the human resource front, their practices also reflect clear and human-centric staff policies. But the commitment to sustainability doesn’t just stop there.

“They even have an edible garden on the roof – which customers are welcome to visit – where they grow their own citrus, cucumbers and herbs,” says the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

Fura was built to be sustainable by design. The 40-seater watering hole is well-considered and features recycled wood stools and limewash paint. The devil is in the details – think plant leather upholstery, oyster shell coasters, and lampshades made out of red cabbage. Some of the decorative bells and whistles are also made from coffee husks and sawdust.

“We believe that future food should make sense for where our world is heading," shares Sasha. “Our goal is to highlight ingredients and make them work in purposeful and delicious ways while reducing ecological imbalances. It's about shaping the future of food through conscious choices in our everyday decisions.”

Fura might have only recently opened in September, but it’s already raising the bar when it comes to future-forward sustainable efforts. This comes as a promising showing for Singapore as the local bar scene and its consumers are becoming increasingly aware of sustainable practices behind the bar. A trail blazer indeed, and we are proud to honour them as Time Out Singapore’s first Bar of Tomorrow.

The Bar World of Tomorrow

By adopting eco-conscious methodologies, we have the opportunity to revolutionise the future of mixology. Embracing sustainability will not only enhance the guest experience but also attract an ever-growing community of conscious consumers who appreciate the art of the cocktail with a clear conscience.

Inspired to embark on your own sustainable journey? Look no further than the Bar World of Tomorrow. This visionary initiative aims to empower 10,000 bartenders by 2023, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to craft exceptional cocktails while nurturing a more sustainable planet. Through this comprehensive program, participants gain invaluable insights, practical expertise, and a deep understanding of sustainability, fostering a new era of eco-conscious mixologists.

Let us raise our glasses to Fura, the epitome of the Bar of Tomorrow. May its unwavering dedication to sustainability serve as a catalyst for change, inspiring the global bar community to reimagine the future of mixology, one environmentally friendly libation at a time.


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