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The best local beauty and wellness brands in Singapore

These Singapore brands prove that you don’t have to look far for quality beauty and wellness products to pamper yourself with

Written by: Delfina Utomo

Urban Decay, Fenty Beauty, Glossier and Tarte are all well and good but sometimes it takes a local beauty and wellness brand to come up with solutions that are unique to our skin and suitable to the Singapore climate. With the humidity and unpredictable weather as the main enemy, it takes a local to know what will work. We highlight some local beauty and wellness brands with everything from skincare to bath essentials that would lift your spirits and keep your skin clear.

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Fantastic beauty and wellness brands in Singapore

Oasis Beauty Kitchen

At Oasis Beauty Kitchen, you'll find only handmade skincare products made from wholesome and natural ingredients. Its founder Hildra struggled with skin conditions in childhood, which came back to haunt her when she hit her 30s. After experimenting with multiple costly treatments, she started taking matters into her own hands by researching and formulating skincare products from natural ingredients. Today, she shares the results of her success through Oasis, which stocks anything from solid haircare, natural skincare and non-toxic beauty products. 

Try this The turmeric solid shampoo ($15). Made from organic turmeric, tea tree and Moroccan lava clay, this shampoo fights itch, hair loss and scales caused by dandruff – issues that are all too common is hot and humid Singapore. If you have coloured hair, all the better, because the turmeric solid shampoo helps your colour stay for longer too. 


If you're a fan of Japanese skincare and products, then Re:erth is a natural choice. This local brand owns a farm in Japan where they produce two types of turmeric – Japanese white turmeric and Japanese spring turmeric. These powerhouse ingredients have multiple skin benefits, from pore tightening to brightening. Using other naturally-derived ingredients and extracts like cherry blossoms and coconuts, Re:erth promises clearer and healthier 'mochi' skin. 

Try this The Multi-Targeted Elixir ($102). This lightweight serum has been formulated to absorb into the skin in 10 seconds – perfect for those who dislike the sticky residue that some formulations leave. This one's meant for all skin types, and as the name suggests, targets multiple skin concerns like dark spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone. 




Roots & Ceremony

Roots & Ceremony takes a holistic approach to wellness, emphasising the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health as much as it does the physical. Centred around their skincare and wellness products (made with pure, natural and organic ingredients like minerals and plant extracts) are recommended daily rituals like breathwork and meditation to help guide you into incorporating wholesome habits into your life. 

Try this Clarity Crystal Sugar Scrub ($68). This minty and fresh sugar-based scrub contains activated charcoal, botanical oils and mineral clear quartz to give you a boost of confidence and mental clarity – and a satisfying body exfoliation too, of course. 


Based on her personal struggle with acne, founder Su-Mae Chia took things into her own hands to create her own skincare line: Bskin. With over 30 years of experience in her family’s bee-based wellness business, you best bet the products on offer are powered by potent bee-based actives and cutting-edge science that help restore balance, health and glow to the skin.

Try this If you’ve got acne issues too, try Bskin’s Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment ($29). The three-prong acne treatment features the brand’s 6Core Anti-oxidant system – a powerful combo of potent acids and vitamins – as well as blemish-bursting actives to clear blemishes, treat inflammations, and prevent scarring and pigmentation.



Bubbles n Scrubs SG

Starting their wellness journey during the height of the pandemic, homegrown brand Bubbles n Scrubs SG began out of necessity more than anything – the founder had to find alternative bath and body solutions for her young one who has sensitive skin. Using only natural, gentle ingredients and pure essential oils, the line includes bath bombs, body scrubs, botanical roll-ons, pillow mists and more. 

No chemicals and artificial fragrances are used, making it safe enough for anyone of all ages to use. To share the joy, the team also conducts bath bomb crafting workshops for all to join. Looking for a bespoke scent? Bubbles n Scrubs SG can also concoct something special for events including birthdays, weddings, team events and more.

TRY THIS Have trouble sleeping? Spritz some calming pillow mist ($10) that will instantly bring some peace to mind. It comes with three different scents – each with the tranquil lavender at its base. Unwind naturally, and very soon, you'll be hitting the sack in no time. 


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Packed with natural ingredients (none of those pesky paraben, phthalates, sulfates and formadelhyde), Glowfully helps you glow with the flow in Singapore’s tropical climate. Its products are incorporated with gentle formulas that deal with common skin issues such as dullness, dehydration, open pores, excess sebum production and inflammation, effectively working to achieve healthy skin inside-out.

Try this The bestselling Glowfully H2O Jelly Masks ($45 for a box of five pieces) are ultra-moisturing sheet masks that are infused with anti-oxiding properties and skin-soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, acerola cherry, and carrageenan. Together, they hydrate and restore your skin for a luminous glow.



Two Halves

The brainchild of mum and daughter duo, Jo and Ashley Yong, Two Halves prides itself as a vegan skincare brand that helps even the busiest find a simple yet effective and restorative skincare ritual. It currently carries only two products at the mo, but these products are great for anyone with sensitive, dehydrated, fatigued skin or a compromised skin barrier as they are packed with a potent blend of botanical extracts and antioxidant properties.

Try this Its fuss-free Better Balance Soothing Hydration Essence ($85) features skin-synchronising, plant-based ingredients that are consciously formulated to not only be eco-friendly but also bring balance to your skin for an overall healthy and glowing complexion. The lightweight and fragrance-free watery gel also suits sensitive and sensitised skin.


Kew Organics

Whether you’re looking to deep cleanse your pores, reduce puffiness around your eye area or get rid of the dreaded acne, Kew Organics can help. Singaporean founder Lily Kew took inspiration from nature and uses only fresh, vegan, non-GMO, certified organic and natural ingredients to deliver clear smooth skin. If you decide to swing by Kew Organics Facial Bar, be sure to bag some skincare products that you can use at home to prolong the effects of the facial.

Try this The Megaboost Hyaluronic + Concentrate Serum ($90) is an all-in-one hydrator that features hygroscopic properties to attract and bind moisture to the skin. With super anti-oxidant Vitamin C, B5, E, emblica and asafetida extract, it also helps minimise the appearance of wrinkles and protects the skin from environmental aggression.


Rough Beauty

This eco-friendly brand is all about being sustainable while embracing simplicity. Move your attention to its signature bar soaps ($9.50) which are handcrafted with botanical ingredients that soothe and nourish the skin.

Try this With the Rough Beauty Soap Club membership ($21), you’ll get first dibs on its seasonal flavours on top of your bi-monthly fresh bar soaps delivery. There are also gentle foot scrubs, moisturising oils, and roll-on perfumes, and even body wash, to boot.


Liht Organics

Pronounced 'light' this homegrown brand was born out of necessity. Founder Nerissa Low struggled with acne issues before a switch to all-organic skincare cleared things up. Now she's producing her own line of skincare that contains 90 percent organic ingredients. 

Try this Not only does the Youth Elixir Liquid Foundation ($72) smell like cupcakes, it also contains ingredients like aloe and rosemary that heal and nourish the skin, all while maintaining coverage throughout the day.



Rooki Beauty

Described as skincare so simple that even a rookie can use it, the brand only has three main products: a cleanser, a mask and a moisturiser. You'll find that there are no nasties like parabens, mineral oils, sulfates and more in the products. Instead, it is packed with loads of superfood ingredients like tomatoes, kale, carrots, chia seeds and matcha. Think of it as a super healthy juice for the skin

Try this The Green Pulp Face Masque ($64) is one of the brand's bestsellers because the results are instant. The green gel turns white when it is activated (after you slather it on your face) and leaves the skin smooth and bright after washing. 


Pera Skincare

The world’s first skincare brand inspired by the traditional wisdom of Peranakan wellness secrets. Pera Skincare’s line uses ingredients like liquorice root, coconut oil and cucumber. Created by Raphael Jiang, the brand aims to promote the heritage of the Straits Chinese to the younger generation.

Try this Bedak Sejuk Fusion Mask ($148). 'Bedak sejuk' (meaning cooling powder) has been used by Peranakan and The Straits' people for centuries to keep skin youthful, fair and smooth and Pera honours the tradition with its Bedak Sejuk duo of the Enzyme Rice Powder and Peel-off Essence Gel which works together as a two-step mask routine. 



Sigi Skin

Less is more with local beauty brand Sigi Skin. With only three products under the brand, Sigi focuses on the idea that a skincare regimen should be simple – but also effective which is why each product is packed with superfood ingredients as well as scientifically-backed ingredients to bring out the best for your complexion. 

Try this Morning Glow physical sunscreen ($58). It contains avocado and acai extracts which are both rich in vitamin E and fatty acids and helps counteract the effects of the sun’s infrared rays while keeping the skin youthful and supple. 


Allies of Skin

Allies of Skins goes all out to make sure that your skincare regime includes the right solution. Its range of facial products are made from a combination of potent antioxidants and intelligent nutrients, and the powerful actives in its optimally concentrated formulas help enhance the healing and repair processes.

Try this All-day Pollution Repair Mask ($145). Make full use of its products by opting for the 24/7 kit where it comes with molecular saviour probiotics mist to keep your skin hydrated, the 1A all-day pollution repair mask for a leave-on day treatment, and the 1A overnight mask to boost your skin’s immunity and accelerate skin cell renewal while you get some shut-eye at night.


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Two L(I)ps
Two L(I)ps

Your face isn't the only area that needs taken care of – your lady bits deserve some TLC too. The beauty maverick and lifestyle trend-spotter Cynthia Chua is breaking barriers with her innovative range of luxury skincare products specially made for the woman's most intimate area: the vulva.

Try this Blackout Mask ($28). Cleverly branded as TWO L(I)PS, its products include the signature Blackout Mask, an organic charcoal mask that detox, soothes, brightens and hydrates even the most sensitive skin – and all you need is 15 minutes.

Want Skincare

This ethical brand champions sustainability through its range of handmade products, from multi-tasking cleansers and scrubs to face oils and spritzers. All about going au natural, each Want Skincare product is made from pure botanical oils and minerals without synthetic ingredients and preservatives. Also, each purchase helps contribute to local communities and women in cooperatives based in Bali and Benin – support your sisters!

Try this Beet This Honey cleanser ($59). Made with 60% honey, this non-foaming cleanser helps loosen up make-up and dirt from your face as well as brightens soothes and softens the skin for a healthy radiant complexion.



Skin Inc

Stop over at the bar and hit the bottle – a bottle of premium skin serum that is. Skin Inc is Asia’s first skin supplement bar, a concept designed for everyone. Just pop over and the consultants will help you select the right ‘cocktail mix’ of skin serums for your individual skin condition, everything from pigmentation to fine lines. To enhance the regime, apply the serum along with the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light device and finish it with the multi-masking Bento Set.

Try this It's a different serum for everyone so go get your consultation over the bar!


Handmade Heroes

As its name suggests, Handmade Heroes offers handcrafted skincare products that promise to do wonders for your skin. Established in 2014 by Lynsey Lim, the PETA-certified cruelty-free and vegan brand takes inspiration from Asian beauty practices and uses natural ingredients such as rice, coconuts, hibiscus, charcoal and turmeric. Its product range covers you from top to toe with lip scrubs ($9.90), dry shampoo ($9.90-$12.90) and Australian pink clay face masks ($18.90).

Try this Coco-licious Luscious Lip Scrub ($9.90). This coconut concoction, inspired by local kuehs, gently exfoliates and hydrates dry lips with coconut and sweet almond oil.


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