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Amoy Street Food Centre
Photograph: Singapore Tourism Board

Amoy Street Food Centre reopening on January 10 after facelift

We're looking forward to the return of cheap food in the CBD

Dawson Tan
Written by
Dawson Tan

UPDATE: It's confirmed: Amoy Street Food Centre will be returning tomorrow, January 11. The centre may be partially open today but there won't be any stalls open for business. From the looks of it, the stall owners are settling in and prepping for the reopening tomorrow. About 90 percent of the original stalls will be returning as well. 

The enigmatic Amoy Street Food Centre’s three-month vacation will soon come to an end on January 10. Coinciding with the easing of workplace restrictions, 2022 is already looking at larger crowds returning to offices and CBD hawker centres are no stranger to such crowds.

To many, Amoy Street Food Centre was the place where one could stretch their dollar and yet afford the luxury to choose from a wide variety of cuisines to satisfy their midday hunger pangs. Housing some of the heavyweights in Singapore’s hawker scene, such as time–tested recipes from Han Kee and Piao Ji Fish Porridge, Ah Ter TeoChew Fishball Noodles and Ah Tee Ko Ko Mee, and contemporary nosh showcasing the butterfly pea rice with a Norweigian salmon slab from Lagoon in a Bowl and halal poke bowls from Big Bowls Project.

Craving for dishes from your favourite holiday destinations? There’s SAP Thai Food and Koryori Hayashi that will fly your tastebuds to Bangkok and Tokyo respectively. Alas, we can’t forget the creme de la creme of Amoy Street Food Centre, the four Bib Gourmand-listed stalls namely, A Noodle Story, Hong Kee Beef Noodle, Hoo Kee Bak Chang, and J2 Famous Crispy Curry PuffWith the recent wet and stormy forecast, we pine for Pho Hanoi's Sliced Beef Pho, where you'd find thinly sliced beef and copious amounts of fresh herbs swimming in a hearty herbaceous broth that quickly brings to mind a warm hug.

It’s without a doubt Amoy Street Food Centre's return from its facelift is highly anticipated by all but one can’t help but wonder if there were any age-old stalls that took the opportunity to retire or casualties that succumbed to the F&B onslaught caused by Covid-19 back in 2021.

We can confirm that popular stalls like hor fun place Pepper Bowl, our favourite ayam penyet stand Rayyan's Waroeng Upnormal, kopi stall Coffee Break, rice bowl place Lagoon In A Bowl and Han Kee Fish Soup which always sees long queues will be returning to Amoy. The day to savour these tasty dishes is nearing us but for now, but while Jan 10 is the date we were promised, most of the hawkers have confirmed that they will only be returning on Jan 11. Either way, we can't wait for some good, cheap food in the area. 

What are you looking forward to the most? 

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