The best cycling studios in Singapore

Hop on a stationary bike, clip in and pedal hard at these cycling studios
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These days, you don’t have to sweat it out under the sun if you want to get on a bike. You can head to a cycling studio instead. Let immersive big screens transport you to alternate worlds, trippy lighting set the mood and upbeat music get your heart (and feet) racing at these spots.

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icon-location-pin Tanjong Pagar

Inspired by the cycling craze in California, the Ding siblings – Valerie, Calvin and Beatrice – started their own local cycling studio version in 2014. And, as they say, the rest is history. This indoor venue packs its 36 riders close together in a large space to promote a team-orientated spirit in a fun and lively atmosphere while also pushing you out of your comfort zone.

Try this All Level Pack Ride. Crucycle’s signature 50-minute class incorporates weights and core exercises for a well-rounded workout.

Price $45/single class, packages from $400/10 classes.

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Sync Cycle

icon-location-pin Raffles Place

Yio Chu Kang is probably the last place you’d think of in terms of indoor cycling but, then again, Sync Cycle isn’t your usual cycling studio. Fostering a tight community is a big part of this heartland gym’s ethos – you’ll find members often hanging around after class to chat. As an added service, owner and spinning instructor Jas Ong also provides progress charts to track your fitness journey and to keep you motivated.

Try this Rhythmic Ride caters to both newbies and regular riders as you decide how much you want to put on the resistance knob. Expect to go through various challenging terrains – rolling hills, steep mountains, climbs and sprints – in a neon-lit room.

Price $32/single class, packages from $290/10 classes.

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icon-location-pin Novena

If you think cycling on the road is hard, try it underwater. According to Aquaspin, Singapore’s first underwater biking class, water offers 42 times more resistance than air. The result? You’ll burn three times more calories than training on land. Aqua spinning is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that’s tough on fat and easy on the joints – even pregnant ladies can get in on it. All of the bikes are set up in the pool and you only have to turn up with your swimwear, towel and lots of energy.

Try this Aqua Signature, a high intensity interval training session that includes short sprints with active recovery to get your heart rate going and for maximum calorie burn even after the session ends.

Price $50/single class, packages from $180/four classes.

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Virgin Active

icon-location-pin Raffles Place

Okay, we know Virgin Active isn’t strictly a cycling studio but this international gym franchise has truly stepped up its game on the spinning front. The cycle studio in its Raffles Place outlet is fitted with a giant 270-degree cinema-scale screen that uses visual and audio elements to bring riders on exhilarating journeys across virtual worlds and dimensions – it’s almost like being in an IMAX movie theatre but on bikes instead of seats.

Try this Les Mills’ The Trip. Venture into futuristic cities, navigate undulating hills and explore underwater reefs in a 40-minute session, all while pedalling hard on your stationary bikes.

Price Available on request.

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icon-location-pin Raffles Place

After a short break from its previous dig, Anthem is set to be back with a spanking new studio in mid-Dec. A full class fits 25 to 30 riders and everyone pedals hard to reach a common destination, powered by upbeat music and the good vibes exuded by instructors and fellow riders alike. If you’re a fitness tracking data junkie or simply just in a competitive mood, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a performance tracking screen in the class that keeps tabs on how hard you’re pushing yourself and emails the stats to you afterwards.

Try this Anthem 45 moves between levels of intensity while combining cardio with upper body and core work – you don’t even have to get off the bike to get a full-body workout.

Price $45/single class, packages from $420/10 classes.

Cycling class to try

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Ride at Ground Zero

icon-location-pin Raffles Place

Explosive pack riding in an underground club vibe

At Ground Zero, you’ll get distracted by the futuristic lighting strips on the ceiling that light up to the rhythm and beat of the high energy music thumping throughout the room – but that’s (probably) the point.

In a typical Ride class, you’re put through a 50-minute choreographed rhythm-based routine on a stationary bike alongside 14 other riders while a curated playlist blares out. While you’re spinning hard and fast, you’re also doing pushups on the handlebar, and performing weighted upper body exercises both in and out of your saddle. Trust us, any distraction from the burn is welcome.

The session is conducted in a dimly lit (but well-ventilated) room – the only spotlight is on the instructors so you know who to look to for instruction and motivation. Basically, you can sweat and pant it out without any fear of judgement.

Rumble, Ground Zero’s other equally popular class, puts a spin on the traditional boxing class by mixing it up with high-tempo music while hitting all the major muscle groups in its three different class types: Upper Body, Lower Body and Full Body.

Price $45/single class, packages from $200/five classes.

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