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UBX Training
Photograph: Facebook/UBX Training

The best MMA gyms and boxing studios in Singapore

Gloves on – work on your jabs, hooks and uppercuts at these mixed martial art (MMA) gyms and boxing studios

By Michelle Ng and Cam Khalid

Call us rebels – we're here to break the first rule of Fight Club: talking about it and letting you in on the best rings in Singapore to throw jabs, hooks and uppercuts. The dynamic workout will get you strong physically and mentally in no time. Before heading to your next session, gear up with suitable activewear and fitness trackers to monitor your activity levels. Once you're all set, put on your boxing gloves and kick butt.

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Muay Thai

Sport and fitness Gyms and fitness centres Chinatown

At Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

For anyone with an interest in martial arts, this MMA gym needs no introduction. Evolve’s lineup of world champions – who are both instructors and practitioners – is legendary. Think local darling Angela Lee and most decorated Muay Thai world champion Petchboonchu FA Group who has 14 titles under his belt. Besides Muay Thai, there’s a whole range of BJJ, MMA, boxing, kick-boxing, wrestling classes too.

Try this Muay Thai Level 1 Beginners. Get inducted into the sport by learning proper footwork and defense moves beyond the basic kicks and punches.

Price From $269/month.

Ip Man Wing Chun

Sport and fitness Martial arts Rochor

At Dennis Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Association Singapore

Contrary to popular belief (thanks to the hugely successful film Ip Man), the martial arts form Wing Chun was created by – surprise, surprise – a woman named Wu Mei about 300 years ago. Its unique technique and concept allows the practitioner, even with a weaker and smaller physique, to take on and defeat a stronger opponent – making this effective fighting system perfect for self-defense. The martial art form taught in this school by two instructors Sifu Terrance and Sifu Andy is closely related to the Ip Man’s lineage of Wing Chun.

Try this Siu Lim Tao. At this beginner’s level of Wing Chun, you develop the fundamental ‘horse stance’ technique and basic selfdefense movements.

Price $144/month.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Sport and fitness Martial arts Raffles Place

At FaMA (Fitness and Martial Arts)

If you think martial art gyms are gloomy, drab and – let’s be honest – intimidating, step into FaMA (Fitness and Martial Arts) and have your expectations thrown out of the window. Bright and airy, this open-concept studio facing the Singapore River is more like a yoga studio than an MMA gym. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the instructors will go easy on you – founder Zoro Moeira is a BJJ black belt holder and is passionate about using martial arts as a base to improve overall functional strength, coordination and flexibility in a safe environment. FaMA’s family-friendly atmosphere includes classes that run concurrently with kids’ sessions so the whole brood can get in a workout at the same time.

Try this BJJ Basic. Learn the fundamentals of this formidable martial arts form and grasp the required techniques before moving on to the intermediate and advanced classes.

Price $60/day pass.


Sport and fitness Martial arts Geylang

At Singapore Judo Club

Traditionally a Japanese martial arts practice that has roots in the ancient samurai culture, Judo, which means ‘gentle way’, is now one of the world’s most popular combat sport. It was first included in the Summer Olympic Games 1964 in Tokyo. For an incredibly affordable fee of $30 per month, you can pick up the sport at Singapore Judo Club, one of the oldest and most established Judo dojos in the country. The non-profit organisation has been promoting the sport since 1954 and is completely managed by volunteers, including passionate and certified instructors who lead both the adults and kids’ classes.

Try this Adult Judo. This multi-level class includes warm-ups and basic drills before you’re broken up into beginner and intermediate groups for the ‘technical section’ of the session.

Price $10/single session and $30/month.


Krav Maga

Sport and fitness Martial arts Hougang

At Krav Maga Global Singapore

If Krav Maga is good enough for Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, you bet we’re into it too. Loosely translated to ‘contact combat’ in the Hebrew language, Krav Maga is a self-defense system originated in Israel under martial artist Imi Lichtenfeld. Krav Maga Global Singapore is a branch of the original international organisation founded by Lichtenfeld protégé Eyal Yanilov. Head instructor Edwin Peng, who holds the honour of being the highest certified civilian expert level instructor in Asia, leads the charge. Besides adults’ mixed-gender classes, there are females-only and junior classes – the latter of which uses a combination of games and stress drills to impart life skills on dealing with bullying and stranger danger.

Try this Fighting skills. Pick up striking skills, learn how to break falls safely and defend against common hand and leg attacks before advancing to the grading tests.

Price Classes start from $40.


Sport and fitness Rochor

At Juggernaut Fight Club

What do Muhammad Ali and Gigi Hadid have in common? Why, boxing of course. Outside of the competition ring, the sport has been growing in popularity among celebrities and models. Start with punch bags or, if you’re more experienced, spar it out in the competition-sized boxing ring in Juggernaut Fight Club – this boxing-focused gym offers a slew of striking programmes alongside kick-boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai and wrestling. Pick up a thing or two from Nurshahidah ‘The Sniper’ Roslie, Singapore’s first female professional boxer. She currently holds four title belts including the prestigious World Boxing Council (WBC) Asia featherweight champion.

Try this Beginner Boxing, for those new to the sport. Compliment your training with Fight Conditioning classes to build up the stamina needed.

Price $30 for single drop-in and all-access packages start from $220/month.

Mix HIIT to your boxing routine

UBX Training
Photograph: Facebook/UBX Training


Sport and fitness Boxing and kickboxing Queenstown

Glove up for a fun, dynamic and results-based boxing and strength workout designed by in-house sports scientists to reach your full potential and unleash the 'fighter' within. With no fixed class times, you have the freedom to work out anytime you want and start on any of its 12-round bout without having to book beforehand.

Try this UBX's signature 45-minute workout that replicates the physical demands of a 12 round championship bout. There are 12 three-minute rounds and 30 seconds rest in between boxing and strength training. Feel the burn as you torch 700 calories without fatiguing the body. 

Price $30/workout, packages from $130.


Sport and fitness Boxing and kickboxing Tanjong Pagar

Put on your boxing gloves and get ready to punch like a celebrity. A favourite of big hitters like the Kardashians, the LA-based fitness studio CruBox opens its doors in Duxton, welcoming all – no matter the fitness levels and boxing abilities – to sweat one out at its minimalist industrial-chic space. The studio offers a unique and intense full-body workout that choreographs elements of high-intensity cardio, strength training and boxing to the rhythm of an energetic playlist.

Try this Group Bag Class, the CruBox signature class. Coupled with a killer playlist of pumping tunes, the 50-minute class weaves in bouts of body shredding, shadow boxing and heavy bag work that are bound to strengthen your core. 

Price $40/single class, packages from $1,600/50 classes.


The Ring

Sport and fitness Boxing and kickboxing River Valley

Step into the ring – if you dare. Tapping onto the 'Real Steel' gym concept, The Ring brings a sort of urban, industrial vibe that will put you in the mood for some serious punches. Besides rolling as a gym, the fitness space also conducts empowering classes every week for its members. Each session combines a sweaty combo of cardio, strength and resistance training that are executed with state-of-the-art boxing and training equipment as well as free weights. 

Try this Muay Thai Cardio. The super-intense session sees a combination of kickboxing, combat-style movements and cardio which helps improve balance, coordination and flexibility. 

Price $280/month for six months or 248/month for 12 months.

Spartans Boxing Club
Photograph: Spartans Boxing Club / Facebook

Spartans Boxing Club (Joo Chiat)

Sport and fitness Boxing and kickboxing Marine Parade

Train like a warrior at one of the fastest-growing boxing clubs in Singapore. Spartans Boxing Club is designed for fighters with all fitness goals in mind – whether they want to train like a pro fighter or just looking to have fun while getting fit. You'll be in good hands, as Spartans' instructors are champion boxers who'll take you through exercises and drills in a safe and controlled environment. Ready, set, box. 

Try this Can't decide between arms day or high-intensity interval training? Punch some bags while testing your limits at Spartans' HIIT boxing class, led by national bantamweight boxer Fash Kamarudin. 

Price A three-month unlimited membership starts from $690. 


Ground Zero

Sport and fitness Cycling Raffles Place

At Ground Zero, you’ll get distracted by the futuristic lighting strips on the ceiling that light up to the rhythm and beat of the high energy music thumping throughout the room – but that’s (probably) the point.

Try this Rumble, one of Ground Zero’s popular classes, puts a spin on the traditional boxing class by mixing it up with high-tempo music while hitting all the major muscle groups in its three different class types: Upper Body, Lower Body and Full Body.

Price $45/single class, packages from $200/five classes.


Sport and fitness Boxing and kickboxing Tanjong Pagar

Given that one of the first things you see when you step into Uppercut is a boxing ring, you know that this gym is serious about its boxing. It's all about technique, technique, technique at Uppercut – no lacklustre punches will be tolerated here (the instructors will gently and kindly correct you).

Try this There are two class types: Undercard for the beginners that's heavily focused on technique, shadow boxing, footwork and some partner work, and Overthrow for those with some boxing experience. The latter is a 50-minute class with 12 rounds split between the bags and strength floor work.

Price Trial series starts from $50 for two classes and Distance series starts from $45 for one class.

Boom Singapore
Photograph: Boom Singapore

Boom Singapore

Sport and fitness Boxing and kickboxing Raffles Place

Boom Singapore has a catchy hashtag #boompowthisisyournow and it's very appropriate for what they do in the 'boom room'. The brainchild of fitness enthusiasts Bryan Tay and Victoria Martin, Boom Singapore offers a combo of boxing and functional training. 

Try this BoomBox, its signature 45-minute workout, is a 10-round cardio and resistance workout that alternates between aqua bag work and functional weight/bodyweight training – no two sessions are ever exactly the same. 

Price Trial pack is priced at $40 for two classes. Class packs start from $38 for a single class.

Core Collective
Photograph: Core Collective

Core Collective

Sport and fitness Gyms and fitness centres Raffles Place

Is it a gym? Is it a co-working space? Core Collective is both, sort of. It’s a first-of-its-kind collaborative centre that swaps hot desks for yoga and Pilates reformer studios, a functional training floor and a boxing ring – fitness and wellness entrepreneurs can rent any of the spaces anytime to host sessions for their clients.

Try this Throw some serious throws with resident boxing coach Lawrence Cartwright. Boxing classes are taught in 3-minute rounds with a warm up, cool down and core work. Alternatively, you can polish your MMA or Muay Thai skills with the pros from Impact MMA. 

Price $48.60 for a single session. Premium Group Class 3-Session Start Passes start at $92.52.



Sport and fitness Gyms and fitness centres Raffles Place

This cool studio down at Downtown Gallery offers three different types of classes: Still Boxing, where you punch aqua bags in rhythm to high-energy music; Still 30/30, where you spend 30 minutes doing high intensive interval training followed by 30 minutes of restorative yoga and Still Yoga. 

Try this With upbeat music, neon lights and non-stop energy, Still Boxing is more than a boxing sesh – it's a party. Sweat it out with a mix of boxing, cardio, strength and toning that will leave you feeling the burn (the good kind).

Price Newbies get to enjoy $50 for two introductory classes. However, regular classes start from $35.

Push yourself further


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