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Time Out team picks: what we're loving this week

Where we're dining, what we're doing and things we're spending on – the Time Out team lets you in on some things

By Time Out Singapore editors |
Nasty Cookie
Photo: Nasty Cookie

We eat the food, guzzle the drinks, go out on weeknights and try things for the sake of work. But on some occasions, some things leave a bigger impression on us and we're actually sold. After some consideration, we decided to share it with the readers. What do we really, really like this week? Read on.

Delfina Utomo, Digital Editor

DO Your Christmas shopping (and also general shopping for yourself)

Pro tip: go on your own. It can be quite therapeutic as well. With so many Christmas markets popping up, buying all the gifts is easy. While it's easy to get carried away with the deals – especially the ones that want you to buy more to save more – remember not to buy more than what you need! I ain't no Marie Kondo but I'm definitely trying to declutter my life for 2020. 

EAT Golden Nur chicken biryani

Some days just feel like a food coma day and on special days like that, I choose to get my food coma by chicken biryani from a stall in Market Street Interim Food Centre. For $6, you get a mountain of rice, a fried chicken, cucumber achar and a splash of curry. A spoonful of crunchy batter bits (from the tandoori fried chicken) is added on top which really is the best part. There must be a science to how balanced everything in the dish is – a little more gravy and the rice and crunchy bits would make everything too soggy, a little extra crunchy batter and the overall dish would be too salty.
5 Cross St.

DRINK Alain Ducasse special white Tea by Kusmi Tea

The decade is going to end so I figured I best get rid of all the tea on my fancy tea rack – by drinking it. I love getting and buying tea (I'm an easy Secret Santa giftee) and this one somehow found its way into my possession. Right now, it's my most favourite tea of the decade. Superchef Alain Ducasse collaborated with the fine tea makers of Kusmi Tea to come up with a delicate blend with notes of fragrant rose and raspberry. You might think it's going to be super floral or fruity but the white tea balances the overall taste. It's amazing chilled or warm with a spoonful of honey.   

BUY Nothing (see 'Do')

New year, new me. 

Dewi Nurjuwita, Arts & Culture Editor 

DO Reassessing my life choices 

Since Spotify Wrapped came out, I've been reassessing my life – and music – choices. Listen, I pride myself on (relatively) decent music taste. So when Spotify's algorithm named The Chainsmokers as my artist of the decade, it was earth-shattering. They do have some catchy songs, but to have them mortalised as my artist of the decade seems a bit of a stretch. Just because I played Don't Let Me Down on repeat that ONE TIME after I got ghosted in 2016?????  

Anyway if you still haven't, you can check out your Spotify Wrapped here. Man, it does humble you. 

EAT Popiah from Rojak, Popiah & Cockle ($2.80)  

One longstanding favourite at Maxwell Hawker Centre is the popiah from Rojak, Popiah & Cockle. The fresh, made-to-order popiah is made up of egg, bean sprouts, and sweet-spicy sauce. It's affordable, too, at just $2.80 for two rolls. I thought I'd still be hungry after that, but the serving size is perfect for a light lunch. 
1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

DRINK Main Squeeze, Hook Coffee ($49) 

Hook graciously sent us an advent calendar – with coffee, that is. It comes with 24 different drip coffee bags, a calendar, and stickers. I love the adorable illustrations and clever names: like Cake Middleton, Speculose Your Mind, Resting Peach Face, and Hot Wine Bling.  
On a cold, rainy day in the office, I tried Main Squeeze, which supposedly has hints of chocolate orange. Verdict: I can barely catch a whiff of the orange, but it's definitely a refreshing change from my usual coffee – especially since Hook uses high-quality beans that are sustainably grown and ethically produced. 

BUY Plane tickets

Spend money on experiences and not material things, they say. With the different promotions going on (like Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales), the end of the year is the best time to book your flight tickets. And you've probably heard this before, but Tuesdays are the ultimate best days. I've got a few trips for 2020 sorted (read: I am now broke), so it goes without saying that I won't be buying much else this month.

Fabian Loo, Food & Drink Writer 

DO Bar-hopping with East Imperial Gin Jubilee 2019 

Fridays in the office here at Time Out Singapore usually means a stiff drink (or three) at 5pm. Our poison changes weekly, but this week we’re all in a G&T mood. It might be due to the fact that the team just spent the last week bar-hopping to 33 different spots around Singapore, snapping pictures of the bars’ exclusive cocktails. Part of the line-up includes a spicy nitro chilli G&T from Spiffy Dapper and a unique-sounding American Adobo from Manhattan. Curious? Check out the full list of participating bars here

EAT Supergreek 

If you’ve ever been in a healthy phase and tried making overnight oats, you’ll know that most recipes call for greek yoghurt to be used. And if you’ve tried to head over to the supermarket, you’ll realise that most don’t carry greek yoghurt, and the only one I could find was Chobani. And don’t get me started on the greek-style yoghurt just trying to con their way into my recipe. At Supergreek, Greek yoghurt is made fresh daily using a started from flown in from Greece. You can have it plain, which tastes less tart than what you’d expect, and naturally sweet, or have it as a snack/ dessert in The Greek Classic ($4.90) with a drizzle of honey and walnuts. Perfect for a healthy on-the-go munchie. 
#B1-54, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Rd.

DRINK Fresh taro milk ($5.60) from Milksha

This version from Milksha has just the right hint of sweetness with soft taro bits to chew on in between sips. It gets the purple root vegetable from Dajia, Taiwan, a province that’s known for its fresh taro and taro products. 
#B1-25, Funan, 107 North Bridge Rd.

BUY Spotify Premium (from $9.90)

So a few weeks back I was *shamed* by the team for not subscribing to Spotify Premium. An advert popped up in between songs when we were playing some festive tunes, and they’ve been making fun of me since. The ads are kinda like those things that never bothered you until someone points it out. Now it’s everywhere, and having a seamless listening experience really makes all the difference. And I’m only like 1000 years late to the game. 

Julia Lachica, Intern 

DO Christmas Wonderland

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, but that would be concerning if it were to actually happen in sunny Singapore. So instead of booking a plane ticket to experience snow, I opted for something a bit more suitable for my budget. Christmas Wonderland brings me to Santa’s stomping grounds without actually having me fly halfway across the world and shiver my bones off. Though it isn’t cold nor is the snow real, it still screams Christmas to me. 
18 Marina Gardens Dr.

EAT Nothing
Before you jump to conclusions, I am not saying you should eat nothing for a week. What I mean is, I didn’t really try anything new this week. I stuck to my usual choices of ayam penyet, pho and carbonara from Amoy food centre. I wasn’t feeling too adventurous this time round, but I’m sure I’ll try out something new next week!

DRINK Bonnie Peggy Alison at Idlewild

As silly as it sounds, using tea for a cocktail can sometimes result to weird concoctions. But Idlewild somehow made their rendition of gin and tea pairings taste seamless and refreshing. Particularly, the Bonnie Peggy Alison, which gives out a subtle tangy, minty and a kick of cucumber from the cucumber cordial. Despite being spiked with gin, its refreshing enough to be considered a summer staple – which is all year round.
Lobby Level, 80, Middle Rd.

BUY Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil by Benefit ($44) 

Truth be told, I didn’t buy this item at all. Given to me by a friend, the eyebrow pencil from Benefit glides like butter and stays on throughout the whole day with minimal smudging. From James Charles circa 2016 to Violet Chachki sharpness, this brow pencil is able to fulfill the brow of your dreams. Their brow colours are pretty extensive too, so whether you’re going for a striking dark black or a natural soft brown, they have you covered.

Nathalie Teo, Intern 

DO Make a wish at the Fountain of Wealth

You've probably heard of the Fountain of Wealth, which was built according to Taoist feng shui practices. It's believed that performing a simple ritual at the fountain can draw wealth and prosperity into your life. Since I don't have a fairy godmother, I will settle for that instead. All you have to do is circle around the small fountain three times, with your hand always touching the water. Make a wish, and see what happens.
Suntec City 3 Temasek Blvd.

EAT Nasty Cookie

These cookies at Funan Mall are sinfully delicious. They're crunchy, chewy, and chunky – and you can inject either Nutella or Dulce De Leche. The perfect way to indulge is with a glass of warm milk. Milk and chocolate chip cookies? Yes, please.
#02-35 North Bridge Rd, Funan Mall. 

DRINK Iced Fruit Tea at Hoshino Coffee 

I prefer iced tea as its more refreshing. The tea is perfectly brewed and the fruit adds sweetness to the tea. The fruits are cut into smaller chunks, so you can find grapes, limes, mangoes, or kiwi. I find it interesting that there is dried salted plum in the tea. It is not overpowering the tea, but when I take a nibble of it and drink the tea, it adds a nice saltiness to it. 
#01-651 Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall.

BUY Leuchtturm 1917 notebook at NBC Stationery & Gifts
Since it is December, I thought it is a great time to start shopping for Christmas presents. I finally bit the bullet and got the Leuchtturum notebook 1917. You can choose from various colours and layouts – whether it's dot grid, squared, or lined. I specifically chose the dot grid to try the free journaling method. It is great that it has an index in the front, and the pages are numbered.
#03-10/11/12, Raffles City Shopping Centre, 252 North Bridge Rd.

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