Where to go for quiz nights in Singapore

We put our useless trivia skills to the test at these pub quizzes in the city
By Rebecca Liew and Michelle Ng |
Brewerkz Trivia Night
Photo: Morven

The Old Boys’ Club

icon-location-pin Raffles Place

At Brewerkz Trivia Night

Mondays, 8pm
Quizmaster Anthony from Quizimodo
Fee None – but best to make reservations before going down. 
Format Five rounds (plus a bonus picture round) covering general knowledge, animal facts, music from the ’70s to early noughties, fashion and current affairs.
Team size Two to eight. Subsequent members can be added for one point penalty each.
Tournament scoring 4 points (first place), 3 points (second place), 2 points (third place), 1 point for all other teams.
Prize A $150 Brewerkz voucher for the winning team, $100 voucher for second place, and $80 for third place. Other teams get a pint of beer for participating. 

What to expect
When we checked it out, there were five teams, mostly regulars who banter freely with one another even if they’re from opposing teams – but they take their game very seriously. During the picture round, a team member went up to the quizmaster to dispute the answer. It happened again, when Anna Wintour was mistakenly referred to as a British fashion designer in one of the questions. So expect an intense night with folks that sure as heck know their stuff. You’ll leave brimming with facts about literature, deadly animals, fashion, American politics – perhaps even the ability to lip read through the soundless music video round. Or maybe not.

Sample question
What is the latitude of the Arctic Circle?

Restaurants, British

A Casual Night Out

icon-location-pin Bukit Timah
At Tin Hill Social’s Pub Quiz League

When Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8pm
Quizmistress Branka Ralph of Be Inquizitive Sg
Fee None, but call to make reservations – spots fill up fast.
Format Five rounds (and a bonus marathon round) including geography, history, music, picture and current affairs.
Team size Two to eight
Tournament scoring 3 points (first place), 2 points (second place), 1 point (third place). Leagues go on for ten weeks.
Prize Weekly winners get a $150 Tin Hill Social voucher, while the runner-up has to settle for a $75 voucher. And the grand prize: a $500 voucher.

What to expect
This one tops our list for most relaxed and light-hearted: hosted by Be Inquizitive Singapore, Tin Hill’s Pub Quiz League is set in its alfresco bar area. On the night we visited, the seven competing teams consisted predominantly of middle-aged British expats.

Unlike other trivia nights, you’re required to choose your joker round (double points) before the quiz commences, based on the topics shown on the screens. The Bonus Marathon round is our favourite for putting teams under pressure: book covers are flashed with a photo of the author, and you’re given 4 seconds to guess the author of 25 titles. It’s a literary exercise for the bookworms, and a crash course in English Lit for everyone else. The affable Branka also takes care to build rapport with everyone – come for laughs and a genuinely good time.

Sample question
What girl’s name is the state capital of Wisconsin?

SG Tipsy Trivia

With A Local Slant

At SG Tipsy Trivia

When Final Thursdays of every month, 7.30pm
Founders Christine Chong, Lynnette Kang, Gabriel Seah and Eisen Teo
Fee $5 per person
Format Five rounds with themes like ‘Sh*t Politicians Say’, ‘Household Brands’, ‘The East of Singapore’ and a picture round.
Team Size Six, though up to two extra players can be added on for a 3.5 point penalty each.
Prize Fifty percent of the pot of registration fees for the winners, 30 percent for second place. The host for the month usually throws in extra prizes like free beer or vouchers.

What to expect
Billed as the only Singapore-themed quiz night, this is a roving event that takes place at restaurants, cafés and bars around town every last Thursday (past editions have taken place at Paulaner Bräuhaus, Beerfest Brewery and Restaurant and Mr Punch Public House). About 60 percent of the questions cover life in the city, for example ‘What does NETS stand for?’ It’s enough to make you wonder if you truly know Singapore as well as you think. Other questions in the generic categories can be needlessly difficult, covering niches like 'measurements' (One particular question, when we visited in November 2015, was 'How many centimetres are there in an inch?).

However, the teams in attendance with deliciously punny names like ‘Cereal Killers’ and ‘Merlion Sushi’ added to the fun atmosphere by putting in random funny answers, which the quiz hosts sportingly read out for comic relief. 

Sample question
Give us the name of the landmark in the east of Singapore that is responsible for height restrictions on buildings in Serangoon, Paya Lebar and Hougang.

Held at various locations, follow its Facebook page for updates. 

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