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Two women (shot from behind) look at a yellow  painting
Photograph: Supplied

Art Month Sydney

The Art Month program is in full swing around Sydney, with lots of great exhibitions to see

Written by
Travis Johnson

Art Month in Sydney is about much more than exhibitions – although there are certainly a lot of them. The program extends to talks, tours, open studios, performances, workshops and classes too.

Artistic director Emma O’Neill has curated a fantastic array of events across the city for the annual festival, which was started by gallerists and heavyweight art dealers Vasili Kaliman and Michael Reid in 2010 in response to the growing public interest in art. Below are some of our highlights, including events that expand the footprint well into April, if you're the sort of person that swings into cool gigs fashionably late. 

Art Month Sydney runs through March and into April. See also, our hit list of best art to see this month.

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