Casula Powerhouse: January Exhibition Launch Day

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Image: Locust Jones, Michael Jackson's Heart Attack and the Tehran Riots.
Image: Locust Jones, Michael Jackson's Heart Attack and the Tehran Riots.

Explore modern and ancient Manga, interpret the news and reflect on political activism

[Sponsored content] Casula Powerhouse is kicking off 2018 with a trio of exhibitions, and to celebrate they will be hosting a special launch afternoon. Alongside opening the three different shows, there will be complimentary snacks and drinks from the new in-house restaurant, Bellbird.

Manga Hokusai Manga is a tribute to Hokusai and his illustrations. Hokusai might be the best known Asian artist in the western world – his Great Wave image is known by practically everybody – and his Manga and ukiyo-e style works have continued to permeate art history and popular culture for the past 200 years. Often described as Japan’s early comic genius, this exhibition celebrates both his work and other contemporary Japanese manga. 

Hailing from the Blue Mountains, Locust Jones juxtaposes the absurd nature of popular culture news with horrors of humanity through his paintings. This exhibition Hear No Evil / See No Evil, invites viewers to question how they personally make sense of the media. 

Finally Fresh Blood: Redback Graphix and its Aftermath will take a deep dive into the works of screen-print collective Redback Graphix. From 1979 to 1994 they served as a design agency for many social justice issues and grass roots political causes, creating colourful posters that offer up an insight into the marginalised voices of the time. This retrospective of political graphic posters will prove how the political agendas of yesterday are still important today and show that the humble poster is a powerful art form.

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