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Cause and Effect

  • Art, Paintings
A naked woman curled in on herself on her knees against a dark backdrop
Photograph: Yavuz Gallery | Detail of 'Cede', 2020, Solomon KammerSolomon Kammer is represented by Yavuz Gallery

Time Out says

A powerful new painting exhibition that explores the lived reality of chronic illness

You’ve probably read about the feelings of invisibility experienced by women, in particular, who are battling chronic illness. The frustration of doctors not taking them seriously, sending them home with the suggestion of Panadol and a lie down, while ignoring the warnings of their own bodies. This gender bias and the challenges it throws up are at the centre of an incredible new exhibition at Redfern’s Yavuz Gallery.

Adelaide-based artist Solomon Kammer’s eye-opening show Cause and Effect draws on her own experiences of chronic illness. The self-taught artist makes intensely personal, large-scale oil paintings that have been a finalist for awards like the Wyndham Art Prize and Doug Moran National Portrait Award.

Her work in Cause and Effect depicts naked female bodies being manipulated, controlled and handled in ways that are at once familiar and unnerving. As the title suggests, it's a subtle commentary on the implications that one person’s actions can have on another. It's a timely conversation and a fresh perspective on an issue that is often sidelined. We’re looking forward to checking out Kammer’s view when the show opens on Thursday, February 4, running through to Saturday, February 27.

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Stephen A Russell
Written by
Stephen A Russell


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Tue-Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 1pm-5pm
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