Never Closer

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A beautiful oil painting that's a bit surreal melding a desert scape with an upside down forest and repair works in what looks like a tiled underground train station
Photograph: Kevin Chin, Martin Browne Contemporary | Tunnel Vision, 2021, Kevin Chin

Time Out says

Melbourne-based artist Kevin Chin creates incredible oil paintings that turn the world upside down and inside out

You can get lost in the topsy turvy dreamscapes of Melbourne-based artist Kevin Chin. His astounding oil paintings depict beautiful landscapes that are not quite as they should be, with urban sprawl melding into nature running wild. Australian, American and Asian scenes overlap, and are quite often turned upside down and sideways, a bit like in the movie Inception.

His latest show, Never Closer, brings eight of these incredible reality-warping large-scale works to Martin Browne Contemporary in Paddington, from October 14 to November 7. And they are just the feast for sore eyes that art lovers locked up for too long need to drink in at length.

“With borders intensified locally and globally, there’s so much attention on who’s allowed somewhere, and who isn’t,” Chin says. “These paintings mix up cultural references to test whether home can be grounded in just a single place, when so many of us connect on all different levels to various parts of the world.”

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