Sentient Lands

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Sentient Lands
Photograph: Jenni Carter, AGNSW Ben Galmidle Ward 'Our Country', 2015 (detail only)

This exhibition of works from the Art Gallery of NSW's collection explores the representation of ancestors, spirits and land in Indigenous Australian art

Connection to country is a major aspect of Indigenous Australian identity and culture, and can be seen throughout traditional and contemporary art practice.

This exhibition showcases different representations of this connection, from the painting of Dreamtime stories particular to the artist's community, to depictions of native flora and fauna, Dreamtime spirits, and abstract works evoking landscape.

Artists featured include Emily Kam Ngwarray, Lin Onus, Mabel Juli, Hector Burton, Sonia Kurarra, Rover Thomas, John Mawurndjul, Judy Watson and Ben Ward.

By: Dee Jefferson


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