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We Buy Your Kids
L-R: Toby & Pete / Struthless
L-R: Matt Roden / Little Moon Studio
L-R: Elin Matilda Andersson & Deborah Kelly
L-R: Collider / Arielle Gamble

Buy an art and support Clover Moore in this one-night-only exhibition at Central Park Mall

Twenty-five artists and graphic designers – most of them Sydneysiders – have designed limited-edition posters for this exhibition and auction raising funds for the Clover Moore Independent Team, standing in the City of Sydney local government election on September 10. 

Posters will be hand-printed by Aisle6ix Industries in editions of 10 each, selling at $100 each on a first-in-first-served basis.

A number of other artists are donating items for auction on the night, including Romance Was Born and James Jirat Patradoon.

Curated by newly-minted local pollie and member of Clover's ticket Jess Scully (Vivid Ideas), the poster art line-up features Vince Frost (Frost Design), Luca Ionescu (Like Minded Studio), Andrew van der Westhuyzen (Collider), We Buy Your Kids, Emi Ueoka (Lost Art), Toby and Pete, Jess Cruickshank, Deborah Kelly, Numskull, Emily Hunt, Nadia Hernandez, Elin Matilda Andersson, Joel Cameron, Lance Corlett (Steady Hand Studio), Blak Douglas, Nowhere Famous, Arielle Gamble, Jumbo, Little Moon Studio, Mini Graff, Ngaio Parr, Daryl Prondoso, Matt Roden, and Struthless.

Read more about why the artists support Clover.

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