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Five Sydneysiders on why they're voting for Clover Moore

Written by
Dee Jefferson

ICYMI: there’s a local government election on Saturday September 10 – and City of Sydney is one of the councils up for re-election. Whether or not that’s your ’hood, chances are that the future of our CBD and surrounds is something that affects you.

Below, five artists share their reasons for voting for the Clover Moore Independent Team.

They’re all taking part in the Sydney Lovers fundraiser/exhibition this Friday September 2 at aMBUSH Gallery (Central Park Mall), by designing a poster that will be lovingly hand-printed in a limited edition of 10, to be sold on the night for $100 a pop.

The lady behind this tour of beauty is Jess Scully (curator of Vivid Ideas and TEDXSydney) –  a freshly minted pollie and member of the Clover Moore Independent ticket. 

In the words of the artists, they're supporting Clover because:

They like the nightlife

"Sydney needs a team to fight for our nightlife. The small bar revolution Clover championed has meant more choice with over one hundred small bars." Toby & Pete, graphic designers

They hate corruption

"I support Clover because she works for community rather than casinos, corporations and corruption." Deborah Kelly, artist

They love dogs

"Sydney is a fantastic place for dog lovers: there are dozens of off leash dog parks and places for them to play and socialise... My Frenchie Ralph loves coming to work with me in Redfern, I also take him to restaurants, and I know Clover takes her dogs with her all over town." Vince Frost, designer 

They heart the arts

"I support Clover for her bold attitude and strong belief in a creative and artistic city. I am a full time artist, so obviously I feel strongly about living in a city that embraces art and design. I’ve never seen Sydney so full with public art! It’s really positive and reassuring for artists to have someone creative in the top seat." Elliott Routledge (aka Numskull), designer/artist 

They care about the environment

"I'm all about Clover - how could you not be!?! She lead the first government in Australia to go carbon neutral! She invests millions into the creative community in Sydney! She supports the kind of Sydney I want to live in." Ngaio Parr, graphic artist

'Nightlife Lovers'
Toby & Pete

Check out more of the posters/comments at

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