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Courthouse Hotel

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  1. The Courty from intersection
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  2. The sidegate at the Courty
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  3. Dogs at the Courty. Goodboys!
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  4. Courty beef burger
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  5. Beer garden at the Courty
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Time Out says

5 out of 5 stars

This is the pub against which all others shall be judged

There’s nothing about this old boozer that we don’t like and we are not alone in that sentiment. We suspect if anyone ever tried to refurbish the Courthouse Hotel there’d be rioting in the streets. This old pub is like a well-worn jumper – warm, comfortable, and big enough to fit anyone and everyone. And like any cherished piece of outerwear, it may be a little scuffed and faded, but that’s what happens when you love something with force.

The beautiful thing about this old boozer is that it’s a pub designed to facilitate a good time on your terms. Want to sit up at the bar with a huge plate of fish and chips and watch back-to-back AFL games? This is the best place for it. Prefer to sink your tip money in pinball machines while you annihilate jugs of Stone and Wood Pacific Ale and Young Henrys Newtowner? Right this way.

They’ve even got two separate outdoor areas so that smokers and diners can both enjoy the sunshine, and they let you bring your dog (on a lead) or kid (no lead required, probably).

It’s the little details that count with a pub feed, like the perfectly layered nachos to ensure optimal crunch to cheese ratio, or foregoing a predictable chicken burger and making things interesting with a lamb, mint and yoghurt burger instead. Plus, there’s a whole lot more on the menu here for veggos than your average pumpkin salad – praise be for the edamame and eggplant salad.

You know how the Courty got so awesome? Practice. They’ve been perfecting the art of the pub session for a really long time now. In fact the only thing that would make it better was if you could just spend more hours here. They’ve figured out how to be welcoming and friendly without being culty and weird; you’ll always run into someone you know on your way to the bar; and unless you time your visit very badly you’ve got good odds on finding a seat.

Heck, it’s even got to be one of Sydney's top spots for day drinking, especially when you combine it with some sunshine and a crossword in the beer garden. And these are only some of the reasons we love the Courty – when it comes to great pubs, the Courthouse set the standard and then never let it drop.

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait


202 Australia Street
Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 10am-midnight; Sun 10am-10pm.
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