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Meet Papa Gede's bar dog

Prepare for cocktails and pet therapy at the CBD's hidden voodoo bar

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

You know what will fix a bad day? Drinking a beer and patting a dog. We’re talking the kind of chilled-out hound for whom a moment without pats is a moment wasted. Specifically, we mean the new door bitch at Papa Gede’s who is here to steals hearts and lower stress levels for all the pet-starved people in the CBD.

That’s right, the concealed voodoo bar in the city has gone and acquired a bar dog. Best. Idea. Ever. Bella is a nine-year-old rescue dog. She’s a Staffy-Australian bulldog cross and was rescued from Blacktown pound by Josh Ng (who co-owns the bar with Lara Dignam and Mick Dhinse) and his girlfriend. People suck, so Bella was abandoned – but her former owners’ loss is a windfall for every Sydney booze hound looking for a buddy to curl up on the couch with and sink some piss.

Bella has only been on the roster for a few weeks – she’s got semi-regular shifts on Thursdays and Fridays - but already she has a routine. When things are quiet she’ll hang inside the bar, maybe even holding court from a barstool. As it fills up she’ll head out front to hang with security and greet the regulars. Maybe her buddy Ruby, the comfort dog, will pop by. Or Mr Scruffy and his owner could drop in to sniff some stuff. Come 10pm, Bella heads to snooze town. What a life.

Sure, cat cafés are a good time, but you don’t really get to do the petting and the eating at the same time. At Papa Gede’s, beers and belly rubs are the name of the game. We really are living in a golden age.

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