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O Bar & Dining's new range of natural cocktails

Enjoy healthy cocktails with a side order of views

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O Bar & Dining are the latest to blaze the trail of 'au naturel' cocktails. Sugary cocktails are passé; these days it's more about the good stuff. We’re talking cocktails using natural ingredients, healthy sugar alternatives and ripe seasonal produce. Basically, treating yourself but without the guilt.

Chef, Michael Moore, has teamed up with the bar crew to create a menu of hedonistic but health-conscious summer cocktails, using the same process that chefs use to develop new dishes. The O team have tasted, smelt and blended ingredients to create unique pairings of traditional and contemporary flavours. 

Try Healthy Culture – sweet, ripe melon with fennel tips, fair trade quinoa vodka, woodland honey and wild lime kombucha. Or Trail Mix, a pistachio crème and toasted almond cocktail made with honey bourbon, Turkish dates, nutmeg, ginger and clove bitters and walnut liqueur. Then there's Japan in Bloom, a pomegranate and ruby grapefruit cocktail made with Kakubin Japanese whisky, blossom water, wild rose and Peychaud bitters.

And really, is there any better way to enjoy a cocktail than perched on the 47th floor of Australia Square with ever-unfolding 360° views?

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