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A shot of owner Tim Phillips against a brick wall holding a Red
Photograph: Anna KuceraBartender/owner Tim Phillips

The hangover relief you can buy at the bar

Bulletin Place is now serving Hydrodol so that you can have a late night and an early morning

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When it comes to force-five hangovers, Tim Philips is a frequent flyer. The co-owner of Circular Quay’s finest cocktail establishment, Bulletin Place, has tried every method under the sun to make the morning after manageable and has a strategy in place for all degrees of hangover: level one requires some fresh air and painkillers; a level four needs a Red Snapper (a gin Bloody Mary), a dip in the sea and hot chips to quell your internal storm.

And now he has added Hydrodol to his arsenal. The vitamin and mineral-packed pills are the answer to your next-day woes, so much so that you can even buy them behind the bar at Bulletin Place.

That’s right – the same people who are mixing that one drink that turns into four are also saving your skin with four little tablets. Turns out the secret to hangover prevention really does start at the bar. “Having a proactive mindset is half the battle,” says Philips. “We like it [Hydrodol] and we think it works. People are hesitant at first – it seems to good to be true – but Hydrodol quickly becomes a staple of your night out once you’ve tried it.”

Of course, staying hydrated is always a good plan, in any circumstance, but if you want to catch up with some friends on a school night and also need to be in top form the next day, the bar that stocks Hydrodol is the one that has your back. 

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