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The Squealing Throw Down

By Alex Clark, Gilt Lounge

Photograph: Daniel Boud


•50ml chorizo fat-washed Mezcal Amores 

•30ml Heinz Big Red tomato soup 

•30ml pineapple juice 

•15ml lemon juice 

•15ml Worcestershire sauce 

•½ bar spoon (or tspn) garlic powder 

•100ml Mexican beer

•Lime and chilli salt

•Mini Tabasco bottle



Add all ingredients (except the beer) to a shaker with large cubed ice. Using a second shaker throw the cocktail until mixed and chilled. Pour the liquid into a chilled throw down bottle and top with Mexican beer. Wrap the bottle in a brown paper bag and serve on a wooden board with a mini salt shaker of lime and chilli salt and a mini Tabasco bottle. 

Meet the Bartender

Alex Clark, Gilt Lounge

Drinks, chat, being social and hospitable: “It’s in my blood,” says Alex Clark, who is eight months into his job behind the bar at Gilt Lounge. “My folks always had people round when I was growing up and I learnt from an early age what it means to look after people and make them feel welcome.” Alex has created a meaty twist on the Bloody Mary, using a chorizo fat-washed mezcal, which has been in his recipe book since he was living in London. “Meat washes were the craze there, almost every venue sporting a bacon bourbon,” he recalls. “I had experimented with jerky vodka and duck Cognac but nothing comes close to the marriage of chorizo and mezcal: sweet, smoky and rich. This spirit had to be put into a Bloody Mary.”

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By: Time Out editors

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