Welcome to the Dark Side

Beer Deluxe King Street Wharf
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[Sponsored] Beer Deluxe is celebrating the beer world’s dark beauties in the lead up to Star Wars day

May the fourth – Star Wars's unofficial holiday – is fast approaching and Beer Deluxe is already getting in the intergalactic spirit. They’re raising their glasses with a “may the froth be with you” and encouraging guests to turn to the dark side – the dark side of beer that is.

From now until May 10 Beer Deluxe will feature their favourite on-tap and bottled dark beers. Taste dark and dangerous brews from the Rocks Brewing Company, the award-winning Feral Brewing, and Australia’s oldest pub brewery Lord Nelson Brewing. Just some of the beers you can try include White Rabbit dark ale, Rocks Brewing Co dark lager, Feral Brewing smoked porter and Lord Nelson Brewing Old Admiral dark ale.

On the big day itself (May 4, that is) you’ll also be able to try the ‘Millennium Falcon’ beer, an Imperial IPA from Holgate Brewery that’s rumoured to have made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. As well as the rotating stock of dark beers on tap Beer Deluxe will also have a number of bottled and canned dark brews to try. 

The event is a part of the 'froth files' an ongoing campaign at Beer Deluxe to take patrons outside of their beer comfort zone and try new flavours. Come to the dark side – they have great beer. Welcome to the Dark Side is on until May 10 at Beer Deluxe King Street Wharf.

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