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Black Star hits peak Willy Wonka with edible balloons

Written by
Juliana Yu

The dessert geniuses at Black Star have turned the food science dial up to 11 with their latest creation – edible helium balloons.

From September 7-10 you’ll be able to feast on (well, inhale) strawberry, coconut, orange and passionfruit “edible air” as part of SpringVention, the Galeries’ four-day festival heralding the new season.

Each balloon is made by pumping helium into a viscous mixture of sugar, gelatine, corn syrup and freeze-dried fruit powder. Once deflated, what’s left is a toffee-like chewy sweet you can also eat.

If you’re still feeling a little peckish after your ultra light snack, the Black Star folks have thoughtfully tethered the balloon to one of their much more corporeal creations, their famous ginger ninjas.

It sounds a bit weird, it definitely looks a bit weird, and it might even be dangerous (all participants must sign a waiver to cover any potential candied-air related injuries).

But it's a morsel of fun, and sharing your balloon bar “experience” on Instagram puts you in the draw to win a $500 Galeries voucher, which we would recommend you spend a portion of smashing $3.30 plates at Sushi Hotaru upstairs to fill up on after this very ‘light’ meal.

The Edible Balloon Bar will open Sep 7-8 noon-3pm & 5-7pm, and Sep 9-10 noon-3pm at the Galeries, 500 George St, Sydney 2000.

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