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How to boss a visit to the Newport

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

The latest hot property for weekend carousing is a fair trek for anyone who doesn’t live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches (and let's be real here, plenty that do), so to ensure you get the most out of your visit to the Newport, here are Time Out’s hacks for the perfect Sunday session.

1) The pub opens at 10am and the first shuttle arrives at 12.30pm. If you're after those waterfront seats be on the 9am L90 or be the designated driver and prepare to drink a lot of juice.

2) We can't all own a seaplane so embrace the $2.50 Opal cap on Sundays. It’s the cheapest ride to Newport you’ll ever get.

3) Do not park illegally. Seriously, the rangers know where you’re all hanging out and they’ve got quotas to fill.

4) Wear white. It’s what everyone else is doing.

5) Consider bringing a picnic blanket. One group found it a handy alternative to finding a seat.

6) Order hot food first - it will take the longest.

7) Before you order a whole chicken see if they look golden brown or pale. Pale means at least another 20 mins cooking time. Also, count them. They can only cook so many at a time.

8) The Long Island Iced Tea slushy is actually pretty good. It's not excessively sweet and definitively boozy.

9) If you have straightened your hair, do not stand under the misters around the bars.

10) Be nice to the staff. They’re working very hard so that you get to chill.

11) Look where you’re walking. Small kids and dogs are all at about knee height and there’re a lot of both.

12) Only bring dogs that are cool with crowds and won’t steal people’s food. Same goes for kids.

13) It's big. The map is helpful. Use the map. 

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