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Is this Sydney's cheapest wine club?

Written by
Juliana Yu

Outsource the guesswork in picking your next bottle of wine to the professionals at Vinomofo, who have launched a new wine subscription service where they send 12 of their best straight to your door.

Vinomofo is an Australian start-up wine retailer that uses the buying power of their 500,000 members to secure crazy cheap prices - some offers sell out in minutes.

Subscribers to ‘The Club’ can select to receive a case of wines monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, and you can switch between them as often as you like, which is handy for anyone in the gig economy whose pay check can fluctuate.

Here’s the breakdown: $159 buys you a 12 whites, $199 gets you reds and $179 ensures a mix of both (with free shipping to anywhere in Australia). So that’s about $13 to $15 for a bottle, plus the invaluable time saved by not staring into the abyss at Dan Murphy's.

The best part is that members can personalise their subscription based on their preferences, so if you hate pinot gris with a passion you can sub it out for more of the varietals you vibe with.

They’re keeping mum on the exact contents of their debut case, but the folks at Vinomofo assure us that they’ll be delivering quality stuff – no bargain bin bottles. It'll be a mix of Australian, New Zealand and European wines, in both old and new world styles, including some biodynamic and minimal intervention drops for the natural wine lovers out there.

All adventure low risk wine times for less than $15 a bottle? We’ll drink to that.

The Club launched on Mon Aug 21 and is only open to Vinomofo members.

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