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Nine-year-old reviews the new Egyptian Mummies exhibition
Written by
Emma Joyce

Nine-year-old reviewer Thom Blake gives us his first impression of the Powerhouse Museum’s latest exhibition

This exhibition is all about six different Egyptian mummies and how they were buried. It also explores what is under the wrappings of these ancient mysteries. 

The six Egyptian mummies are: a married woman called Nestawedjat; Tamut the daughter of Khonsumose, a priest of the god Amun; Irthorru, a priest from the town of Akhmim, situated 200km north of modern day Luxor; a temple singer whose name has been lost; a two-year-old child from the Roman period who was wrapped with great care and placed in a gilded and finely decorated cartonnage – and last but not least a young man from Roman Egypt who has a portrait of himself on the mummy. 

Mask in Cartonnage from the British Museum
Mask in Cartonnage from the British Museum

This exhibition has come all the way from the British Museum in London. There are items like an ancient T-shirt (that looks a lot like some modern T-shirts!), lots of jewellery and even pieces of Egyptian bread found in tombs.

Near the end of the exhibition there is a small tunnel called the Mummy Chamber. It is just big enough for a child to crawl into, although I was a little disappointed when I came out the other end and found out it was just the next room of the exhibition. 

Overall, I give this exhibition 4/5 stars.

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