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South East Asia just got its first full-blown Hello Kitty themed hotel rooms

Alyx Gorman

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour sits just across the Johor Strait from Singapore, in Malaysia's Southern-most state Johor. The resort is part of the Shangri-La group, and it just won itself the honour of being the first hotel in the South East Asian region to collaborate with Sanrio. And boy howdy did they collaborate. They created 12 frankly psychedelic rooms, to fit three themes, 'Sailor Hello Kitty', 'Pink Series' and 'Hello Kitty in Oz' (the 'Wizard of' kind, not Australia, sadly). The pink series is particularly intense. 

Hello Kitty Pink Surprise Room

Photograph: Supplied

Why Johor? Glad you asked friend. Johor is already home to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town – an indoor Hello Kitty theme park, and the Hello Kitty Red Bow Cafe. Which means, if you so choose, you can have an entirely Hello Kitty themed equatorial vaycay. And why wouldn't you choose that? 

Sailor Hello Kitty themed hotel room
Photograph: Supplied

 If Johor is a little too far for you, there's always Sydney's very own Hello Kitty Diner, which dishes up dude food with a little red bow on top. What's that kitties? You want to see one more Hello Kitty themed hotel room? Here you go. 

Hello Kitty in Oz themed hotel room

Photograph: Supplied

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You can book your very own Hello Kitty themed hotel room at the Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour's website.

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