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Surry Hills now has a weekly ramen club

Ramen pop-up toko
Photograph: Phu Tang

In what we would consider frank defiance of the season, Toko Sydney will be hosting a weekly ramen pop-up Ramen Club, which will take over the restaurant every Saturday from 11am-4pm. The project is a collaboration between the Surry Hills Japanese joint, and fashion labels Song For the Mute and Nothing. While unctuous pork soup and slick clothing designers don't seem to go hand-in-hand, we're willing to see if this is maybe one of those confusing combos that works in practice, like jam and cheese. But back to the soup: they will be doing a truffle ramen ($16) and a veggie ramen ($12). If it's feeling a little too hot for ramen, there's also a izakaya fusion menu, with soy braised beef cheek tacos with jalapeno sour cream and pickles; poke with tuna, avo and ponzu; and fried chicken with whipped sour cream and hot sauce. The Toko bartenders will be doing special cocktails and the freeze masters from N2 Extreme Gelato who'll be whipping up a vanilla, yuzu and orange blossom with freeze dried pineapple treat. 

You can't book so you'll just have to head in and try and get your hands on a bowl before they sell out, from 11am-4pm every Saturday through out November. 

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