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The best ramen in Sydney

Dig on Japanese soup noodles? Us too. Here are our faves

Ramen. It’s probably one of the most fiercely debated subjects on the Twittersphere: who does Sydney’s best ramen? It’s a question that plagues chefs, bloggers, journalists and Japanese soup noodle fans city over.

Some say it’s all about Ichi Ban Boshi – the ramen place next to Kinokuniya (incidentally, the place to buy comic books while waiting for said ramen). We’re also fans of Komachi in Surry Hills where you get a huge bowl of soup (two whole litres of miso, let alone the pork and noodles) and if you can eat the entire thing, you go on the wall of fame and eat for free. And they play the Rocky theme as you eat.

The thing is, there are so many variations. Do you like a simple miso broth, or salty, salty shio? Maybe, as a dedicated pork freak, you go for a tonkotsu soup base. Do you take extra butter and corn on the top, or a flavoured hard-boiled egg? Maybe you keep it tidy with a few slices of pork and some green onion. Perhaps you favour an extra serve of noodles on the side. At any rate, here are some of Time Out’s favourites:

Menya Noodle Bar - Sydney

There was a time the entire Time Out office was eating the noodles here every day for lunch. That was a very fat time. But how can you resist when they do a plate of curly, bouncy ramen noodles topped with spicy pork mince and a shower of green onion? 

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At Salaryman ramen has been elevated to an art form. Take the cabbage and mushroom ramen bowl. It’s a symphony of veggies each cooked perfectly, including crunchy pickled turnips, charred broccolini and crushy disks of radish. This isn't a second-rate vegetarian version of a dish popular dish, it's a standout, even for meat-eaters.

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Surry Hills

Ramen O-San

Tonkotsu ramen is the king of Japanese soups: bouncy, silky smooth noodles enrobed in thick, gelatinous pork bone broth. It’s also tonic in a bowl: it’ll cure a cold, a hangover… maybe even hay fever! (It’s worth a shot, right?) You can get your hands on some of the good stuff at Ramen O San, located in the food court at Chinatown’s Dixon House.

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We are all kinds of excited about this Japanese restaurant in the Westfield complex in the city. Not just because the bar out the front sells a crazy selection of Japanese craft beers and soft, fluffy little pork buns, but also because their ramen is excellent.

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Rising Sun Workshop

The breakfast ramen at RSW is such a good idea that our heads hurt a little from the excitement. It’s a beautiful big bowl of rich, fatty broth made from an infusion of buttered toast, topped with stretchy, firm noodles made exclusively for Rising Sun Workshop to their own recipe. The whole lot is topped with a just-set onsen egg, shards of crisp bacon and a charred tomato – the savoury, umami depth of which is a strike of pure genius. 

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Ramen Ikkyu

Haru Inukai, the chef who opened French-Japanese fusion restaurant BlancHaru, is the man behind the noodles, which are all handmade on site. And, one for all you ‘I want my damn value’ freaks out there, they’ll give you another serve of noodles for free if you have leftover broth. Just take your bowl with the soup-proof to the counter and ask for ‘kaedama’.

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These guys have had a lot of press and for good reason. Their tonkotsu broth, like washing your mouth with pork shampoo, is rich and unctuous. The noodles are firm yet yielding and there’s always the opportunity to pimp your lunch with garlic chips, flavoured eggs and even (you crazy devils) more pork.

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Ryo's Noodles

Ryo’s fans swear this is some of the best ramen you’ll find in all of Sydney. Duck your way past the traditional Japanese noren curtains hanging out the front and you’ll think you’ve been transported straight to a Tokyo noodle house.

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North Sydney

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