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Sydney Theatre Company is having a garage sale

Written by
Claire Finneran

Bad luck if you were planning on having a garage sale this weekend, you've just been trumped. Why would anyone buy your mouldy cargo pants when they could spend their dough on a prop Victorian bustier covered in prop blood? Sydney Theatre Company is flogging over 1,500 costumes from past productions and they could be all yours if you head out to their Lilyfield store at sparrows fart on Saturday.

Think your wardrobe is already plenty fabulous? Then you'll be delighted to know they're also selling hundreds of props and furniture from past sets. Adorn your lounge room with theatrical chairs, shelves, lamps and more. You can invite guests around to sit on your new artfully rusted throne or entertain them by sitting atop a giant rocking horse waving two prop swords in the air. The possibilities are endless. Just don't expect any special, genuinely valuable, 'Cate Blanchett has worn this' items. The STC is rightfully archiving those for themselves. Still, chances are you'll pick up something Our Cate has been in the vicinity of at least once.

For the tech-heads, they'll also be parting with old AV equipment and lighting gear, so get in fast. For the non-tech-heads, get in faster than the tech heads and rig up some professional-grade ambience in your newly-decked out lounge room. High drama for all!

The Sydney Theatre Company garage sale is open 8am-noon, Sat Jul 22 at 91a Canal Road via Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield. Check here for more details and directions.

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