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The Minimalists are coming to Sydney next year
Written by
Emma Joyce

By now we’re all familiar with Marie Kondo’s best-selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and no matter how many minimalist Instagrammers we follow the stuff still piles up in the corner collecting dust. So how come we’re still attracted to this life of minimal living but can’t resist the initial joy of consumerism?

Perhaps a couple of corporate go-getters turned minimalists could help. Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus turned their lives around in their 20s following divorce, family death, depression and unfulfilled careers by literally packing everything they owned into a van and only removing what they needed when they needed it. This became a lifelong commitment to minimalism the philosophy, not just the aesthetic.

The Minimalists toured Australia a couple of years ago as part of their Everything That Remains tour, now the 36-year-olds are planning another trip Down Under coming to Sydney on Tuesday March 13 on Enmore Theatre. Since adopting the less-is-more lifestyle, Millburn and Nicodemus have written three books, launched a podcast, make a documentary, done a TED Talk and continued to promote their meaningful existence on the website

Tickets go on sale 9am on Thursday October 19 for their Australia and New Zealand tour in 2018, which includes shows in Brisbane, Auckland and Melbourne. Their show will include a talk and a live recording of their podcast, the Minimalists Podcast.

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