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Thoughts Sydneysiders have when it won't stop raining

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Time Out editors

Rain, rain, go away. Please dear god just go away

1. "This is bullshit.”
2. “How am I going to pay for this flood damage?”
3. "Maybe there won't be a line at the Grounds today"
4. "I wonder if it’s raining in Melbourne?”
5. "This is bullshit.”
6. "If this road flooding gets worse, I'll have to commute by speedboat."
7. "Goodbye inside out umbrella. You've served me faithfully these past three hours."
8. "Well, I guess I should cancel that birthday party."
9. “Looks like I’m never going to wear those new suede boots I bought.”
10. “This is bullshit.”
11. "Who will bring me lunch?"
12. “Can I still wear Havaianas?”
13. "Can I afford to just catch Ubers everywhere?"
14.Maybe I should volunteer for the State Emergency Service” 
15. “This is bullshit.”

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