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Liquorice bread at Yellow Brunch
Photograph: Anna Kucera

Yellow makes one of the best breakfasts in Sydney

Freya Herring

If you’ve never tried the liquorice bread at Yellow, you’re missing one of the best darn cakes in town. It’s only served at their weekend brekky/brunch service, but it’s worth crossing the city for, trust us. It’s a big wodge of warm, fudgy, black-as-night cake imbued with the flavours of melted down liquorice and liquorice root infusion. It’s topped with flaked salt and a side of whipped, salty, cultured butter ready to be spread on thick. Even if you don’t like liquorice, we’d wager you’d love this. Order it as a side, rather than the main event – one piece between two should do it.

There are no bookings for brekky at Yellow, and you will probably have to wait for a table (check out Defiance Gallery next door while you wait for the call) but you won’t regret it – the breakfast here is the stuff of legend. Not only is the food amazing, but here at the Paris-end of Potts Point, you feel as if you’re actually in Paris: the bustling waiters, the classic brasserie-like surrounds, the dogs and fancy people. But it’s not exorbitantly expensive – $10-$20 is pretty average for a solid breakfast in Sydney nowadays, and that’s what you’re paying at Yellow for a main dish.

Try the poached eggs with corn. You get three 63-degree eggs (which are like poached eggs but a thousand times more delicious – think just-set whites and loose, creamy yolk spilling onto the plate) with a thick ham hock consommé, cheesy crumbs, charred corn and lengths of snake beans for crunch. Or go the house-made bacon, which comes like a wodge of tender, smoky pork belly with toasted house sourdough, buttery scrambled eggs and sour, lightly roasted tomatoes. (FYI: these guys do meat at breakfast, but it’s a veggo-only affair at lunch and dinner.) Some people have said that the Yellow breakfast is too ‘restauranty’ at this time of the morning, but we don’t agree. For us, it’s just astonishingly good food at this hour, and we’d be hard pushed to think of anywhere doing it better.

The coffee is the only thing which pales in comparison to the other cafés in town. It’s Vittoria, which is smoky and robust, but lacks the smoothness and complexity of some of Sydney’s other roasteries – Mecca, Single Origin and the heavenly Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville. A peach ice tea will see you right though: it’s light and sweet and pleasingly clean.

Or there’s always the Breakfast Martini, just saying…

Breakfast at Yellow is served Sat, Sun 8am-3pm.

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