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You can take part in a re-enactment of Titanic on a boat in Sydney Harbour
Written by
Nick Dent

If you thought Kate and Leo getting together was a thrilling case of life imitating the movies, then you’re going to love this.

A bunch of mad geniuses called Beyond Cinema have pledged to screen James Cameron’s beloved 1997 action tearjerker Titanic on a boat in Sydney Harbour – including live re-enactments of key scenes by hired local thesps.

The press release promises that participants will experience what it was like on board the famous vessel from “decadent dining in our first class dining room” to “classic cocktails in the various bars across the ship” and exploring “various features of the legendary boat”.

Planning to set sail in November, this voyage of the Titanic is sketchy on the details for now, the organisers simply inviting interested movie fans to sign up to their mailing list. But Time Out has one pressing question: will there be enough lifeboats this time?

“Unfortunately we are staying true to the script,” the creative director of Beyond Cinema, Aden Levin, replied to our email, with his tongue lodged (we assume) in his cheek. “So it will be a case of sink or swim – just don't tell [O]H&S...”

Check back here for more details as they become available, and oh, if you're booking tickets? Time Out recommends avoiding steerage.

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