Jake Howie: Sparkle

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Close up of Jake Howie with a lipstick kiss mark on one cheek
Photograph: Supplied/Jake Howie

Time Out says

Forget those who would make you dim your lights and shine bright with this queer Kiwi comedian

Hailing from Auckland, comedian Jake Howie is here to bring some Sparkle to the Sydney Comedy festival. Known for his quirky, surreal takes, he self-identifies as an “atheist nana who is a Jew,” with “new-age parents who found peace in Scientology...".

Howie has travelled the world, with stints in Denmark, Brazil, the UK and Italy before settling in Sydney, leaving behind a trail of Brazilian ex-boyfriends, but bringing along an Italian husband. He started out in improv back in New Zealand, and has dabbled in acting. He first attempted an open mic night in London in 2014, and since then, he has won over audiences at Edinburgh and at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Now, he’s ready to spread some sparkle in Sydney. No more dimming himself down for unsuitable dudes with raging egos. It’s 2021, the world is rebuilding and it’s time to cast off being told he’s “too much". The reality is, most people aren’t enough. We should all glimmer with natural awe. If you need some of that love and light in your life, check out Howie's comedy-cabaret extravaganza.

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