Rood Food

Gay and lesbian
A hand with red painted nails and a diamond cuff holds out a plate with two panna cotta sitting side by side with raspberries on top
Photograph: Supplied The 'Panna Knockers'

Time Out says

An extra-saucy dining experience with top drag and bottomless bubbles

The Impy’s Drag N’ Dine is usually a relatively tame affair. A wonderful setting for drag aficionados and newbies alike, where you can take along your mum or sheltered rural friends to experience their first drag show, with comfortable table seating and a slightly fancy bistro menu that won’t break the bank. 

Drag’n’Dine’s x-rated cousin, Rood Food, is however not for the faint of heart (BYO pearls to clutch!). It is an amuse-bouche of campy cross-dressing and dirty jokes with a graphic menu you cannot un-see. The evening is best enjoyed by upgrading your dining package with bottomless bubbles, the friendly waitstaff will keep your glass full all evening for a very reasonable $29. 

With a three-act drag show starring Etcetera Etcetera, Ruby Slippers and Riot, plus your Madame Maître D Sunday Best whipping things into order, you’re in good hands. 

It can be rare to see a fully-choreographed, multi-act group drag show in Sydney and the team here pull out all the stops – with a mash-up of lip-syncs including everything from culinary-inspired hits to the biggest memes to break the internet, and stunning foodie costumes sewn by Ruby Slippers topped off with wigs styled by Riot. Etcetera’s excellence on the stage and on the mic proves why she’s a queen to watch. The show is interactive, but don’t worry nervous nellies, audience participation is strictly consensual (and may be rewarded with a cocktail).

In an Aussie-first, an ASMR (search for it on YouTube and you’ll get the jist) dish is a good bit of fun where you can build your own coconut ceviche with the assistance of a set of headphones, a black rubber glove, and a QR-code to scan with your phone that will take you to a spine-tingling, instructional, sensory soundtrack. 

It’s hard to say what is more impressive about the plant-heavy menu – the intriguing vegan takes on classic dishes, or how many of them are fashioned to look like naughty bits. Choose between a two or three-course menu starting with a blossoming pink valley of dip to wet your appetite. From balls of delight and especially phallic-looking mushrooms in the side-dishes to the “hung AF” Big Banger main (an all-natural plant-based sausage with greens) and the Panna Knockers jiggling back onto the menu (proving vanilla doesn’t have to be boring, and just like real breasts they come in a range of imperfect mismatched cup sizes), they certainly accomplish putting the rood in your food. Keen carnivores can opt for wood grilled lamb chops for their main, served with tangy dill yogurt and blistered baby peppers. 

Rood Food encourages us to be playful and see the silliness in sexuality. It’s a whole lot of fun that is well worth testing your comfort zone.

Rood Food sessions run from 7pm on Wednesday and Thursday nights in October, with lunch specials starting at 1pm on Sunday 20 and 27 October. Reservations are limited, make your booking here.


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