Arctic Voices

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Arctic Voices at National Maritime Museum
Photograph: Supplied

Travel to remote and icy lands in an interactive exhibition that’ll delight hands-on learners

Summer may be heating up but the mercury is set to drop at the Maritime Museum’s blockbuster new exhibition. Arctic Voices takes visitors on an virtual journey to the farthest reaches of the planet, revealing the region’s diverse animal and plant life. The exhibition is packed with interactive elements to keep youngsters busy – they can crawl their way past polar bears, travel with scientists as they tag Arctic whales and examine plant specimens to learn how they adapt to the harsh, icy environment.

They’ll also hear from the region’s human inhabitants as they share stories about their culture, traditions and life in the polar regions. The message of the day is that the Arctic is more than the barren land of our imaginations, but a living place that has connections to us all.

During the school holiday period the museum is also putting on a number of activities, including craft and dress-up sessions, 3D films and theatre shows.

By: Juliana Yu


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