Music, Pop
Photograph: Alex Wall

Hatchie’s otherworldly harmonies will have you dreaming of mellow summer days in the middle of the winter

The ever-so-sweet Hatchie will step out onto the Australian stage for the first time, belting out her otherworldly indie-pop tunes. The Brisbane artist will unveil her upcoming EP Sugar & Spice along with her much-loved hits ‘Try’ and ‘Sure’. Anticipate soft and dreamy melody against vibrant upbeat percussions. Her most recent single ‘Sugar & Spice’ explores the highs and lows of romantic relationships. Hatchie’s uplifting and poetic lyricism is all about duality; expect friction between freedom and disaster, the euphoria of love battling against melancholy heartbreak.

By: Fatima Olumee


Event phone: 1300 438 849
Event website: https://hatchie.net/
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