Tim Freedman

Music, Rock and indie
Tim Freedman
Photograph: Ken Leanfore Sydney Fringe Festival ambassador Tim Freedman, at the HPG Festival Hub

The Whitlams frontman is performing a solo set of songs inspired by the inner west

Sydney Fringe ambassador Tim Freedman, who came up in the live music scene of Newtown in the 1990s, will perform at Fringe's pop-up HPG Hub over two nights, with a geographically-focused set featuring “songs of hunger, desperation and romance in your twenties.”

“You can smell the Netflix in this city,” he says of the change in Sydney since the Whitlams first started gigging. “You drive around at night and there’s not much going on. There’s not enough little spaces to see weird little stuff. That’s where artists start, small rooms. And I’ll be proud to play one of those small rooms come September.”

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