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A drought-proof garden is popping up in Sydney today
Written by
Olivia Gee

As the weather heats up and the Sydney drought rages on, we’re becoming ever more conscious of how we can improve our water consumption practices. Whether it’s using a front-loader washing machine, collecting water from your shower or simply washing yourself and your clothes less often, there’s a lot an average Sydneysider can easily do to conserve humanity’s most precious, life-giving liquid. If you’d like to pick up some tips about how you can make your garden or houseplants part of the solution, check out the drought-resistant garden that’s popping up in Martin Place this week. 

The 100-square-metre Drought Proof Garden is blooming in the centre of Martin Place for just three days starting today. Until October 30, you can explore the botanical maze from 7am-7pm, joining a free tour where you can ask gardening pros all your burning green questions. Did you know that a small layer of mulch will save you bucket-loads of water? Or that plants with smaller leaves are your go-to for hot, dry conditions? These are the kind of nuggets of knowledge you'll unearth on a visit to the CBD garden.

Photograph: Supplied / Sydney Water

There’ll also be a free series of workshops where you can pick up more hot tips on keeping your garden cool. Join landscape designer Charlie Albone at midday today to hear his water-saving tips, or find more efficient ways to water your houseplants with greenthumb Georgina Reid from noon-2pm on October 29 and 30. And if you're in the area after work on Wednesday, you may be able to score a little leafy or prickly friend, as the Martin Place gardeners will be giving away some of the smaller vegetation like succulents and cacti to passers by.

Visit the Drought Proof Garden for free at Martin Place from 7am-7pm until October 30.

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